Tori Black

“Torid” with Nymphetamine 3 – part 2

Another Tori Cleft for Thee

by Nobody Special

Tori BlackPART TWO

For the record, I still don’t know what a “Nymphetamine” is, so you will not find that answer here. Sorry.

However, Jenna Haze also ended up being on set, and although I don’t know her as well as I know Monique, I was close to Jill Kelly while Jill was in the business, and Jenna was one of the original Contract Stars for Jill’s production company, JKP. Jenna won AVN’s “Starlet of the Year” back in 2003, and executing a decided departure from the traditional path taken after winning that award, did not disappear from sight shortly thereafter. Jenna’s been working steadily over the years and just won the “Performer of the Year” Award, interestingly while hosting the Awards Show, this past January. Now we’d have skipped all that press release fodder had not Ms. Haze shown another unique aspect to her character as we visited on this atypically lengthy day.

Despite being on set much longer than she has become used to, and despite not being the obvious “star” – although certainly A star – Jenna in 2009 reminded me almost exactly of Jenna in 2002. Without becoming unnecessarily mean here, I will say that you’d be amazed at the number of women over the years that have won those fancy (I call ‘em “sit around and get dusty”) trophies and then suddenly develop a rather, call it unruly, attitude about the business in general and what they think it suddenly owes them. After spending a lot of time talking animatedly about her new production company, and then having some equally enthusiastic sex with Renee Perez, and even though she had the tail end of a very long second day to handle, Jenna took time before she left to record a personal video message for A.J.’s friend. And A.J. had nothing to do with Jenna getting paid on this day. Jenna’s just that way, and oddly that hasn’t changed.

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