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Millennial Business People

Top Ten Millennial Business Facts

Sophia in Millennial BusinessLabor Day seemed like an excellent time to do a quick Top Ten list about Millennial Business ideas. This being the generation of a lifeline in 140-character increments, after all, too many words could confuse them and make them sad. For a group that grew up where Everyone Gets a Trophy, of course, that represents a major faux pas. Of course bringing in a foreign phrase that some people might not understand could be some equally offensive transgression too, so we should probably just move along.

For the record, the current Millennial Circle has not provided the “conceptual quality” of photographs we prefer around here, so we grabbed some clothed on-the-set shots that D.Minion took, interestingly on our very first set dominated by Millennials — although nobody used that term back then. So enjoy a few snippets of House of Perez while you consider Millennial Business concepts. (And please forgive us for already using — up to the beginning of this parenthetical insight — 931 characters. EEEEK! … Oh, the humanity! … )

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September 2017 | Risque What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

9/30/17 Kayla Louise


Garden Variety Gorgeous

[STAR TAGS: Kayla Louise Exclusive Video,]

9/27/17 CythereaAt some point in your life you will start interpreting birthday greetings as people saying, “Hey, you’re not dead yet. Congratulations!” … Cytherea has many, many years before that time, however, and giving some thought about what to give her this year turned into a rousing good time at the office. Then again, basically everything involving Cytherea turns into a rousing good time at the office. She’s definitely got a lot of life in her, that one. [STAR TAGS: Cytherea Exclusive Video] 
9/24/17 Annie Cruz


“Flash Flood” pt 4 | Sprightly Sindy Lange

[STAR TAGS: Sindy Lange Video]

9/23/17 Inari VachsNaturally we all take a bit of pride when someone in our group moves on to more conventional and potentially profitable ventures, but one needs to have no small amount of ego to make it very long in this business, so we’re certainly not above feeling sorry for ourselves when this may happen. In fact, we might even berate a dear friend for simply considering such a move, mostly because of how that impacts us, of course. And if that friend happens to be getting officially older this week, well, this business also requires that one be ready to answer when opportunity knocksour opportunity, not his, in case that wasn’t clear. [STAR TAGS: Inari Vachs, Shayla LaVeaux BTS Video, Chantelle Fox BTS Video]
9/22/17 Aleksa Nicole


Aleksa Nicole Interview

[STAR TAGS: Aleksa Nicole Video]

9/18/17 Charlie LaineGranted “philosophies” do not often belong in the same sentence with most adult sites, but whether wonderful or terrible, we have at least never been typical. Consequently we feel comfortable telling you that we try to make the experience better for members than for the more casual folks that browse the free site. So when we ended up using a bit of retro-Ninn Renee Perez to illustrate some Millennial Beliefs out on the tour, we obviously had to go a bit beyond that for the paying visitors. That only seems fair, right? For the record, though, the way Renee, Charlie Laine, and Celeste Star look? Yeah, that’s not fair at all. [STAR TAGS: Renee Perez, Charlie Laine, Celeste Star, Sabrina Rose, Michael Ninn]
9/17/17 Dayton Rains


Amber Lynn – Jasmeen Lefleur – Shayla LaVeaux – Dayton Rains – Raylene – Misty Stone

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

9/15/17 Georgia Jones and Jenna Sativa


Studius Interruptus | pics & vid

[STAR TAGS: Jenna Sativa Video, Georgia Jones Video]

9/11/17 Love Letters BTSThere are people driving around in cars now that were not even alive during the day where the phrase “nine-eleven” took on a horrible meaning for the rest of us. They studied Bin Laden in history class, rather than lived it live on the evening news. In fact, they probably have but little idea how people could actually plan their days around being in front of a television at a specific time in order to even hear the news. … At least we can all enjoy a new foray into a Kristal Summers feature while we ponder, with no small amount of regret, how much the world has changed. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers BTS Video, Karina BTS Video, Kylie Wylde BTS Video]
9/10/17 Annie Cruz


“Flash Flood” pt 3 | Distracting Annie Cruz

[STAR TAGS: Annie Cruz Video]

9/9/17 Natalia Forrest


Walling Off Emotion

[STAR TAGS: Natalia Forrest Exclusive Video,]

9/7/17 Lexi BelleYeah, well, some people might consider this embarrassing, but we’ve been rolling with the flow for so long around here, that we have completely forgotten what solid ground feels like anyway. … So don’t you just hate it when people spend so much time being clever and insightful that they basically forget the point of what they were doing in the first place? On the upside, we ended up with an extended version of our Lexi Belle consideration, and if that’s the worst thing that happens today, well, we’ll all be just fine. As for our new Millennials, you can’t just slap them. We looked it up.  [STAR TAGS: Lexi Bell BTS Video, Alexis Love BTS Video, Kissy Kapri BTS Video, Veronique Vega BTS Video] 
9/3/17 Justine Joli


Aubrey Addams – Nina Hartley – Nikki Delano – Cytherea – Amber Chase – Justine Joli

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

9/2/17 Cindy Cruz


Putting the SSSS in Sultry | pics

[STAR TAGS: Cindy Cruz]

May 2014 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


In all probability Jassie will not be appearing out of the blue to give you a blow job today. She probably won’t appear out of the aquamarine or fuchsia either, so you might need a different coloring book all the way around. On the other hand, if one hangs with Jassie, one can never be quite sure what may happen. She’s an exceptional lass, that Jassie. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Jassie Video, Lorraine Sisco, Michael Ninn]

Thinly Veiled Jassie

Happy Birthday to Kylie, both sexy and wily. When she strips down naked, it makes us all smiley. … OK. So it’s not exactly The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, but you have to agree that it’s a lot easier to read. Also, despite his literary prowess, Mr. Coleridge never had lesbian sex with Ashlyn Rae. Well, you know, he was a dude. … Kylie wins again! [STAR TAGS: Kylie Ireland Video, Ashlyn Rae Video]

Kylie Ireland and Her Birthday Gift Ashlyn Rae

Few people on the planet understand network television as well as our own D.Minion. This seems odd to us, because as a rule people do not tend to study things whose primary function seems to be one of causing irritation. Of course weave in the captivating beam of London Keyes, and even the ChickaDees cannot stay sad. Put London in a school uniform, and … well … we just give them all some private time. But we share … [STAR TAGS: London Keyes Video]

London Keyes

An ever-vigilant and thoughtful new member pointed out four missing large images in a post from clear back in 2006. Granted, Heather Vuur does not show any signs of ever becoming “old news” or anything — particularly around here — but we did want to show our appreciation for the effort taken to write in and point out the errors (quite politely, we should add). Obviously we could have simply fixed the four links on the photos, which we did — to cover ourselves whenever someone else goes back there — but then we got to thinking. … OK. So sometimes that can be scary, but sometimes it can also result is wonderful new larger renditions of the photos, along with typically stunning video of Jassie, Brooke, AND Heather Vuur this time. Fans pay attention. Everybody wins! [STAR TAGS: Heather Vuur Video, Heather Vandeven Video, Jassie Video, Brooke Banner Video, Michael Ninn]

Appreciating Heather Vuur

Despite a significant amount of technical prowess in these offices, we have as yet been unable to figure out how to use Parental Lock to keep the DVR from filling up with unwatched episodes of “Too Cute” on Animal Planet. Of course D.Minion has her own ways … as some of learned painfully this week. [STAR TAGS: Cytherea Video, Kylie Ireland Video, Chayse Manhattan Video, Misty Rain Video, Leena Video, Faye Taylor Exclusive Video,]


Have you ever wondered why all the beautiful women do all the difficult — notice how we avoided the overly simple pun hard at this point — work around here? Well, it turns out D.Minion remains fairly sure that an overwhelming desire to please her pretty much explains it all. Would that this were only true, we would never again have to ask For Whom the Belles Toil. … (Yeah, that hurt just writing it down. … Sometimes we have no control. You should know that about us. … ) [STAR TAGS: Justine Joli Video, Georgia Adair Video, Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Kylie Ireland, Angel Cassidy, Wanda Curtis, Anais, Charlie Lane, Jana Cova, Audrey Hollander, Michael Ninn]

Justine Joli

Everyone arrived at work today in a wonderful mood. Having each received text messages last evening, it seems we now all have a new favorite Green Bay Packer we have affectionately nicknamed “Monica” — according to our leader. After all, what else does the name “Ha Ha Clinton-Dix” make you think of? … And this strange view of the world pretty much explains all of our Adult Behavior perspectives today. … You learn to adapt; what can we say? [STAR TAGS: AEE 2014 Exclusive Video, Shayla LaVeaux]

Shayla LaVeaux and Her New POV Device

Many, many people will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo today, although according to a new report we heard, apparently the holiday tends to be a lot more popular than in America than in Mexico. If we had paid more attention we might have learned why that happens to be, but we can just take it on faith. It was on the television news. It has to be true. … All of that said, not many people will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo the way we chose to this year — with Mika Tan. Hey, we’ll drink cerveza and ruminate upon Mika. Sounds like a plan. … [STAR TAGS: Mika Tan Video, Lorraine Sisco]

Technically Not a Cerveza Dispenser

Sometimes you meet someone, and the chemistry between the two of you almost feels electric. OK, so most of the time one of you feels attracted while the other feels repulsed, but magnetic fields can be sort of like electricity, so that should count for something. Still, should you find yourself on the “rejected” end of one of these interpersonal dynamics, do not despair. While sadness tends to be depressing, mirth can be quite fun. [STAR TAGS: Jana Jordan Video, Carli Banks Video, Alexis Love Video, Tiffany Sweet Video, Renee Perez, Lena Nicole, Michael Ninn]

Jana Jordan