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April 2009 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Both Tenured and Interned types assisted in today’s trials and tribulations in the Tempering of Tenaya. Watching young talent develop can of course be one of the most entertaining aspects for members here, and if you’ve seen any of our other Tenaya posts over the last couple of months, you can testify to that. This time around you’ll get to peek in on some of the initial “lessons” that Tenaya undertook, and if you pay close attention, you’ll even see some tidbits of editor attitude popping up now and again. If you are new here, you have some catching up to do. … Maybe now would be a good time to note that we continue to like alliteration too. [FEATURED TAGS: Tenaya Video, Asia Carrera, Exclusive Video]

Asia Carrera. Not Tenaya, but tempting nonetheless.

The NFL Draft finally airs today on ESPN so we can finally stop talking about what some team might do given a list of potential decisions regarding several possible courses of action. Maybe. For our purposes, Maverick chimes in from 247AdultStars with something of a much more certain universal interest, that being Kristal Summers. OK. So technically he forgot to turn on the audio feed when recording the BTS video, but most of us won’t mind that nearly as much as listening to functionally innumerable football “experts” telling us all the good and bad stuff that happened today. … Just because you’ve done something professionally doesn’t make you qualified to explain, or even talk about, it. Right? If you don’t believe that, try listening to a porn star talk about sex some time. [FEATURED TAGS:, Kristal Summers Video, Exclusive Video]

Kristal as Charlie Chaplin

It’s Earth Day today, and what better way to celebrate the wonders of Mother Nature than by planting a tree for the health, edification and enjoyment of future generations? … Yeah, well, after you do that, you might want to drop back by here and take a look at what a new company like Night Moods Productions can get us to do. In some ways this resembles our occasional “Gee, you get to be test subjects for new technology” approach, actually. (OK. It may not “resemble” so much as it “exactly duplicates” that approach, but why be overly picky?) On the decided upside, though, if such experiments fall under the heading “Variations on a Lesbian Theme” and include A.J. Bailey, Monique Alexander, Capri Anderson, Tori Black, Samantha Ryan, Melissa Jacobs, Renee Perez, and Jenna Haze, you’re not likely to mind the examination very much at all.  [FEATURED TAGS: A.J. Bailey, Monique Alexander, Capri Anderson, Tori Black, Samantha Ryan, Melissa Jacobs, Renee Perez, Jenna Haze, Michael Ninn]

Toy for Tw**s. (Word censored at the request of female office personnel who clearly have no sense of humor.)

We continue with our “Dee“lightful promises today as yet another installment of the Dee at KSEX history sees the light of day. And this is good, and makes Dee happy, which is always very good. … We also provide a much less subtle hint regarding future plans here as you get one of the most candid video views you’re likely to see on our new friend in “The Law According to Tenaya” — which probably isn’t anything like you think it might be. On the upside, not being able to predict beautiful women sort of refines their charm, doesn’t it? [FEATURED TAGS: KSEX Radio, Dee, Cytherea, Tenaya Video, Exclusive Video, D.Minion]

Tenaya says Hi.

With coverage of the latest Michael Ninn shoot for Celluloid Addiction, we’re offering up our own (certainly reverent) “Rocks of Ages” today. Honestly, it can become a bit difficult to maintain journalistic integrity when you’re watching a porn star give a lap dance to a Buddha. Then hearing one of the attendant starlets proclaim “Other girls have so much drama,” pretty much leaves one the choice of laughing out loud … or leaving the room and laughing out loud. Fortunately for us, we don’t claim much in the truly “journalistic” field, and as for integrity, well, we plan on looking that word up in the dictionary some day. [FEATURED TAGS: A.J. Bailey, Monique Alexander, Capri Anderson, Tori Black, Samantha Ryan, Melissa Jacobs, Renee Perez, Jenna Haze, Michael Ninn]

A. J. Bailey, a learned lass, as it turns out.

Apparently there are some alleged dawdlers out there who just now seem to be finishing up their tax returns for last year. … Actually we say “alleged” just to be nice, since we happen to know at least two of them personally, if you want to know the truth. … So for these folks we’re providing a temporary, and humorous, respite from icky tax terms. If you happen to be from California, you might just enjoy this Members’ Post a little more than usual, and you should be able to enjoy a beautiful naked woman in sunny Mexico, regardless of your domicile. Don’t worry, you dawdlers, “The sun will come out tomorrow.” (We should write a song.)  [FEATURED TAGS: Emmanuelle]

Emmanuelle in Mexico

So all the new servers were up and humming along happily. The Message Board was working again. The store could process transactions again. All was well in the world as we headed off to LA for the big shoot. Maverick had even carefully crafted his 2009 AVN Awards Show report, and was all set to go out like a lamb with it on March 31st. … But apparently in our haste to hit the proverbial porno road, we forgot to give Mav access to the new happily humming servers. … Well, you know what they say: OOPS.  [FEATURED TAGS:, AVN Awards, Exclusive Video]

Chick Fight!

We explain this unusual lapse in the time between our posts very thoroughly in the members’ section. Actually it might be more accurate to say that we “define” the lapse, and have a grand ol’ time while doing it. Have you ever had every single knowledgeable person you meet tell you not to do something, but you really, really want to do it — so you do it anyway? Well, meet A.J. Wells. [FEATURED TAGS: Night Moods Productions, Capri Anderson Video, Kylie Ireland, Exclusive Video]

Capri Anderson, reminding us of someone.