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You know how polite people learn at an early age not to say, “I told you so?” OK. That’s a beginning … Now take a quick look at these random pictures:

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sasha grey for risque sasha grey for risque sasha grey for risque sasha grey for risque sasha grey for risque

So how about we tell you a story? Back in the Dark Ages (say, six-eight months ago in Porn Time) we were the folks responsible for maintaining the various web presences for Michael Ninn. Y’all probably remember that if you’ve been here that long, or have looked back in the archives. Well, it would take too long to go back over how we became close friends with Mr. Ninn, but you can find the stories if you look around, or maybe we’ll do a “synopsis” version some time. For now, just recall that Michael has been friendly with Risqué for nearly two decades – primarily because of the women we represent. That may sound callous, but business can be that way sometimes. No sense fretting about it.

At any rate, as part of the Ninn web work, we needed to compress hours and hours of video clips for use on the sites, and we needed to do so every week. Not trying to take too much of the luster off of our business, but we’d be lying if we didn’t tell you that even beautiful women performing a variety of sexual acts begin to lose their “uniqueness” after awhile. Sorry. This, too, becomes much more of a “job” than you might imagine. So when one particular scene in the middle of the hundreds of others actually caught out attention, it was a lot more unusual than one might guess.

I remembered the woman from being on set, and she was not only professional and pleasant, but also oddly focused on her “task at hand” as it were. I found this even more unusual because it was the shoot I was on covering Jana Jordan’s first experience on a Michael Ninn set. No logical reason existed for me to have even noticed anyone else. Consequently, I actually took a trip into the Ninn Worx offices to at least bring up the noteworthy nature of the performance and my impressions of the woman in general. After the accolades, apparently Michael thought enough of the assessment to set up a meeting.

Even More Risque:  The Carnival of Shayla Knowledge

We don’t want to get into too long of a discourse here, so the short version boils down …

The next time we were in LA Michael had arranged for us all to sit down and talk, oddly enough outside the Hustler Hollywood store late one evening. About 10:00 we all had our various Southern California Coffee Drinks and the discussions began. As it turned out, she was not only good on set, but she had a great many things going for her just in conversation as well. She had drive and dreams, sure, but every porn performer has those. She also had a boyfriend that appeared not only supportive, but possessing a series of skills that could actually enhance the “family” goals espoused. She could also talk about things that had absolutely nothing to do with adult movies, or sex in general. Imagine. Most importantly, though, she possessed the very rare trait absolutely critical for long-term success in this business: She didn’t take herself too seriously. We finally parted ways at about 1:00 in the morning, and keeping Michael focused on anything besides editing for three hours is no small feat, I can assure you.


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