Remembering the House of Renee Perez

House of Perez

d.minion memoryNinn Worx_SR Contract Girl Jana Jordan, soon-to-be Ninn Worx_SR Contract Girl Renee Perez, and Sophia Lynn were ensconced in their chairs, somehow getting even more gorgeous than they already were. [Once again this “contract girl” issue will raise its fascinating head more fully in the future. Even really rich guys have to be careful what they say to the press. And if you can get the legal system to look at employment in the adult industry as a business issue, and not a sex issue, well, things can indeed get interesting. … Oh, and that’s Jana over there on the left in case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere (or maybe you’re just new here).]

Jana said that she was excited about moving to a new house near the ocean with her doggie Bubblegum and her girlfriend Georgia Jones. (Georgia just happened to be doing her very first hard core scene with Renee Perez in this movie! She was also going to do a scene with Jana for an upcoming Fem movie. Jana was REALLY looking forward to that!) [True to our method of not reading the stories before we actually get set to post them, I’m not sure if this will become much of an issue today, but we should mention that the industry can be very tough on ALL relationships, even lesbian ones. Georgia will appear quite prevalently in “Day 1B” of this coverage, by the way.]

d.minion memoryJana was also looking forward to visiting her family in Texas soon, assuring me that, she “goes there all the time!” Jana and I then bonded over our mutual love of Hello Kitty. Note Jana’s cell phone and purse! [Ah, yes. The “New Stuff” photo. At least we don’t lie: It’s exactly what we claimed. … And notice how carefully we avoid claiming essential relevance in all of DM’s photos too. We gave up trying to tie up that little package years ago.]

Even More Risque:  London Keyes

Wardrobe mistress Zsa Zsa came up to discuss outfits with Jana. Jana told her that she loves feminine clothes. “I’m a girly girl,” Jana giggled. “I like to look like a slut!” [This makes perfect sense in Porn Star Speak, we can assure you. It’s honestly no wonder we spend so much time being confused if you think about it.]

The first order of the day was promo photos with Spearmint Rhino T-shirts. Jana, Renee, and Sophia looked ultra-girly in the tiny t’s! [Wow. Now THERE’S a theme that would come back to haunt Mr. Ninn and his plethora of supporters. Let’s take care of Spearmint Rhino first. Got it. … ]

d.minion memoryThe ladies posed for Spearmint Rhino stills, with Renee going the extra mile by jumping into the pool with her Rhino-wear still on. (I’m thinking NW_SR wet T-shirt contest!) [D.Minion does regularly think much deeper than this, honest. But like the rest of us she does get sidetracked by young women in liquid-soaked attire. … Have we mentioned lately that this is a great job?]


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