Par for Brittany Andrews

Kristal Summers and Brittany AndrewsJuli, Julia Ann, Brittany, and Kristal Make A Playboy Video

by D.Minion

Let’s start at the very beginning. (A very good place to start.) Playboy Magazine was putting together “The 12 Most Important Women In Adult Films” for their March issue. Risqué Girls Juli Ashton, Julia Ann, and Risqué Liaison Brittany Andrews were chosen for this honor. (I won’t mention that they didn’t pick Devinn Lane, who stars in the Playboy TV show 7 Lives Xposed. Besides being extremely beautiful and a Wicked contract girl, having her picture in that article would garner much publicity for the show. But I digress …) [I’ll mention it: Stupid Pricks. They actually “chose” 14 women for the layout, and then they found out how many pages they were getting in the magazine. Unfortunately all 14 women had been contacted and they were then forced to go down to an “audition” that Playboy taped, for ultimate use in the DVD. It was probably just coincidence that the last two women that “auditioned” were the two not chosen. It couldn’t have anything to do with how tired everyone was, right? And never mind that Devinn and Raylene (the other unfortunate lass) were certifiably “bigger” stars than several of the Vivid Girls chosen. Vivid has strong ties in Playboy TV, if you haven’t noticed. Actually Vivid movies look better on Playboy than in their “uncensored” versions, as audiences are beginning to learn now that Playboy TV has decided it’s really in the adult business. Nevertheless, Devinn was selected, and then unselected. I did mention the Stupid Pricks part, right? Still, they mean well. Just ask them: They’ll tell you. Harrumph! OK, I’m over it now. Fine. I’m not over it, but I’ll move on …] The ladies posed for the magazine alone and in a group. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go to that part. Lucky has to earn his money somehow! I got to see some photos though. Wow! The talent in just one room boggles the mind! [That was not the main boggled part on me, however.]
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The next part of this undertaking was a video. Fans are curious as to what these actresses do when they aren’t making movies. Each lady gave the video crew some ideas, and they just ran with it! [More like “moseyed” with it, as it turns out.]
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