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Alexa Rae … The Chore. The Merrier.

Alexa RaeRelying on Pretense of Necessity

by Risqué as a Lifestyle

You find people of this inclination in any profession, of course, but when they make their living in such an explicit and intimate way, the empathy for them just cranks up a notch for most of us.

Alexa Rae had a diverse, and by most standard definitions successful, career, but as a person, she always seemed just a little bit sad. Not “sad” in any sort of “depressed” way. More sad in that when you talked to her, or watched her work, it always felt like she might be just a tad dissatisfied with how her life had worked out, at least how it appeared to be going at the time.

None of us was ever close enough to Alexis to say anything like this for certain, however; let’s be clear about that. The one “elder” that knew her during the Wicked Pictures contract days, though, always speaks of Alexis that way, interestingly taking on that same kind of mood during the conversation. Given a different kind of innate talent, Alexis might have been a famous author, although we’d venture more Sylvia Plath than Dr. Seuss. She could have been a painter, although we all know what cheery sorts those cutting-edge artists tend to be.

Instead Alexis chose to make her mark in an artistic venture much more difficult and complex than it may seem. Any woman can handle the biology of the job, but the emotional strength requirements of putting one’s generally most personal being on display for everyone might surprise the uninitiated. —

Alexa Rae (in the Risqué memory) always seemed to us to have an unappreciated depth, sometimes glee, others near torture. You could honestly say that about a great many individuals that choose acting as a profession, honestly, whether they take their clothes off at work or not. Pretending all the time to be something — and someone — that you are not either means you have a great sense of self, or perhaps none at all.

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It can be difficult to remember that in this particular orgasm-inducing little business environment. Whatever the case: We simply hope everyone finds happiness, whatever path they take to arrive there.

[If you want to get all scientifc on the Psychology of Actors bit, you can pay for the priviledge. That said, you can read the substantially less academic version for free. You’ll probaby say what we did upon reading that. “Oh, yeah. That makes perfect sense. Good reasons not to date actors.”]

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