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As you got to know him better, Ted had a tendency to sort of ramble on about his days as “a big drug dealer” back in Phoenix. Now before I got into managing porn stars I spent a couple of heartbeats as a criminal defense attorney, and so while I never met what I’d consider to be a “big” drug dealer, I had certainly met my share of them. I can remember telling people often that the one thing I remembered most clearly about drug dealers is that they never went around saying that they were drug dealers.

It is still illegal, you know.

I even used to laugh when Ted was in the process of relating these stories about guns, and subterfuge, and stacks and stacks of hundred dollar bills stashed everywhere. I never thought much about it, what with this odd history-making hardly being the most peculiar trait of anyone I’d met thus far in XXX.

Fast forward a few years, and Ted is now running the biggest studio in the industry, and directing big-budget movies as well. We had actually hired him to direct Screen Play for Ashton View, and were in the middle of a week-long shoot, when late one night a whole bunch of big scary guys with body armor, automatic weapons, and bright yellow official initials on their jackets literally crashed into Michael’s house in the middle of the night. You see, Ted had lived with Michael and his wife a year or so earlier and that was apparently the latest address they had for him. Ted wasn’t there by this time, but the official search was on.

[And since despite decades of trying to disprove the theory, timing does in fact impact everything, we give you…]

Another Dramatic Pause for Screen Play Players

Juli Ashton and Mr. MarcusDanielle Rogers

Without boring you with various legal maneuverings over the subsequent months, Ted did in fact ultimately turn himself in to the proper government authorities and paid his debt to society in an honest to goodness federal prison. It seems Ted (which turned out not to be his real name at all) had become a popular topic for industry magazines and web sites, who regularly used his pictures to accompany their stories. And apparently the government keeps some sort of tabs on those various publications.

Also, as it turned out, Ted used to be a (really) big drug dealer. … Hmm. Go figure.

People are funny. No wonder dogs look at us like they do.

A Final Screen Play Reflection

Taren Steele for Screen Play

Some people you really miss after they leave your lives.


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