A Penny Flame Tongue Trifecta

Lawn Tarts a la Penny Flame

Lawn TartsAn Orgy Initiative

by Nobody Special

Let’s say you and Penny Flame want to have an orgy. Now depending upon the circles in which you run, it could be that you know very few people that might be able to help you stage that to gain maximum effectiveness. The answer turns out to be rather simple, but perhaps not that intuitive. We certainly never see it on professional movie sets, for example.

Having seen our “Lawn Tarts” photo gallery by now, [y’know, members] you might be surprised to learn you already have some experience in planning an orgy. You also know — perhaps though not recognized as such — what generally goes “wrong” when a big group of people gets together to have sex. Call it biology if you will, but left to our own sexual devices, we pair up. We also know that we want to invite Penny Flame to our next “orgy of two,” but that’s really beside the point.

Of course the adventurous, or professionals in this case, tend to go off in groups of three rather than two, but the concept remains the same. We all only have one top and one bottom, so most of us have a pretty difficult time keeping track of anything else. Thus, we keep the numbers down, even subconsciously. Consequently, if you want to have the best experience possible, keep the area SMALLER, not larger. You can see what happens with wildly bisexual women in a giant yard, for example: We get three groups of three, nice, but more “concurrent” rather than “group” sex. [We do not count three as a group anymore. This industry changes you. For example we hear that some women out there are actually strictly heterosexual, but we don’t know any.]

That’s why you see some misguided directors lining up women head to tail with the ridiculous notion that this looks sexy. They’d have a lot better luck putting all the people on a wrestling mat and making them stay inside the circle with the cameras outside shooting in. Yet no one ever asks us our clearly superior and insightful opinions. It’s a mystery.

Even More Risque:  LaVeaux Inclinations

Of course all of this presumes that you don’t have any men in the group that will be weirded out by having another man’s leg touch them, but let’s be honest: The best orgies don’t have any men in them at all. They have Penny Lane and a bunch of her girlfriends. … [And, yes, Gibby, they also have Lexi Belle.]

[For the purposes of this “age-indiscriminate” free presentation, we decided to point out that if you have nine women involved in a lesbian orgy, you can pretty much forget about having any “PG” pictures to use. We figured this would give you the general idea.]

a pg viewa pg view

[We would also be remiss were we not to provide the cast list for you, seeing as how you may not be able to identify the fine ladies by their feet: Penny Flame, Amber Rayne, Lexi Belle, Ariel X, Kitten, Holly West, Rachel Roxxx, Louisa Lanewood, and Aline. … We hate being remiss, for the record. Heck, we hate even missing the first time.]

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