The Bisexual Conundrum

Bi Bisexual Birdies

Scripted Bisexual BehaviorThe Bisexual Conundrum

by Closet Ted

Perhaps we simply do not fully comprehend the bisexual world. Perhaps bisexual women simply have an easier time — or fear rejection less — than bisexual men. You will not generally hear a conversation between men in a communal shower, for example, that begins, “So do you like guys?” … Or maybe that just depends on the shower.

Whatever the case, I remember trying to wrap my head around the industry system when I first started in the business.

“So,” I inquired, “if you have heterosexual sex and girl/girl sex in the same show, that is a straight movie. If you have heterosexual sex and boy/boy sex in the same release, however, that makes it a gay movie.”

The answer: “Yes.”

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But Morgan Reigns not Pictured

Morgan Reigns and 10 Fascinating Facts

If the Shoe Fits...More Subjugated Than Sublime

by Whunk & Strite

There were some pictures that did not fit with the obviously joyful at her career choices — at least at the time of filming — Morgan Reigns. And reign she did. Does. Continues to do. … Whatever.

Rather than try to come up with a new way to say simply “so we are putting them on Risqué before sending you off to see the video on ReelRisque” we decided to do a random Top Ten list of interest to the Risqué Team. Most of these we researched on the Internet, so they must be true — because they were on the Internet. Continue Reading Risque

Lily Labeau, pre Sybian

Lily Labeau | Sybian Sensitivities

Lily LabeauGood Gig

by Nobody Special

To be quite Frank — or, y’know, Ted, or George, or Janet, or any other name for someone interested in cavorting carnally with a female — people can spend a great deal of time simply trying to figure out how to get a willing woman naked and orgasming in their home.

Now far be it from us to wax poetic about the many tactics this simple endeavor may utilize, but we will say that dropping a couple thousand dollars on an admittedly very high-end sex toy and a rudimentary camera may just do the trick. Long-time members will know of Risque’s deep affection for the Sybian, and will have seen clear evidence of this passion over the years — and, well, just a couple of weeks ago in Risqué TOC. If you try to forget about that, though, and just watch this setup merely for how it evolves, you may appreciate the cleverness of simplicity.

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Scarlet Red by Michael Ninn

Ninn One, Pearls Two

Ninn One: Scarlet Red and Nessa DevilSolo Synchronicity | Vol. 1

by Webb Jack

It does not take too long in one’s sexual development to realize that being an audience for a bout of self pleasure can be one of the more stimulating ways of reaching our own sexual fulfillment. This does not limit itself to recorded presentations by any means, as anyone that has ever had sex can likely tell you. Nor, as we understand it, does the gender of the “presenter” matter, so long as the one watching finds themselves sexually attracted to the one performing.

However, around here we do tend to focus on movies, and we do not tend to highlight males in the process of self-pleasure, so we consequently admit to some self-imposed limits on our new Risqué Avenues. … All of that said, what better place to start than with our old buddy Michael Ninn?

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