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Adult Diary Members’ Party

Now it was me. My hands was shaking sooo much and I almost lost control of my bladder (okay, that’s a bit too much information). [Indeed.] As I walked in I saw four naked women. [Actually he saw four naked, beautiful, women. Each of varying degrees of fame. As you might imagine this can be a disorienting circumstance.] How lucky was I? I couldn’t think straight. Eric said that it’s up to me what I want to do. Should I take pictures or Eric could take pictures with me with the girls. I sheepishly said that he should take pictures, as I was too shy and nervous. First up was single shots with Keri (now those hands started to wonder), Wendy, Kristal (Kristal “-” this close from me, NAKED! wow!) and Dee (I think she played like she couldn’t climb on to my lap, because she bounced up and down a couple of times). All I can really remember is having hands placed here there and everywhere by the girls, and at one time four on top of me. Very happy Mav! The last shot I think was with all four girls (two holding my legs and two beside me). Then Keri’s hand woundered [That’s “wandered” on this side of the ocean.] to my butt and a finger started poking me there. I grabbed Keri’s hand and jokingly said, “You don’t want to go there”. Fifteen minutes was over in a flash. Next was Bert and then Gman. When we came back into the room to see Gman, he had a big smile on his face.

That was the best 15 minutes in my life. [As I said there will likely be moments that surpass this time, but they will have to be extraordinary to do so.]

I’ll leave it there for now as I want to have a post for the Limo story (Wendy took control on the Strip as we drop down it) … but that’s another story …

for Adult Diary — Wendy Divine and [Anais] … sort ofOkay this one is gonna be short so as not to ruin anything else for anyone. To the point: Limo-Wendy-Open sunroof-boobs-men nearly having accidents driving on the Strip-Pizza-Strip club-lap dance (Very up lifting). ;) Does a girl blowing in your ear do something? Rubbing your face in their boobs does :) [At this point Mav has lapsed into a semi-catatonic state of stream of consciousness. It’s to be expected. He’s had a busy couple of days, and this was all his idea, technically. We’ll let him ramble. What else would we do?] To finish:

  • Lucky — The Dude! The Chosen One! [Chosen for what exactly remains to be seen, actually.]
  • Tinker — Great sense of humour and great intelligence. [Well, except for the time when she chose me, but I tend to forgive these slight indiscretions.]
  • DM — The woman who keeps it altogether. Qudos! [And what she doesn’t keep together, she at least knows how to find.]
  • Dee — “Mama Bare”-Sexy! Great person to meet and chat with. Sorry I wasn’t this time. Swear next time. [Right. Hey, Mav, in my experience, which actually is rather extensive, it takes about six months before you can even approach “comfortable” with women this beautiful. You’ll be OK by the 2096 Members’ Party.]
  • Georgia / CamMan — Great couple. Very friendly to all. She’s gonna go far. [Hopefully we get to go with her. She’s great with laundry too, by the way.]
  • Keri Windsor — Great comic timing. Funny all the time. Great fun person to be with. [And an even greater person to be naked with we’re sure. Keri’s proof one can be smart, funny, and sexy, without being built like a stick. We love that.]
  • Kristal / [Anais] / Kristal’s friends — What can I say. Kristal is da bomb! I was just silly that I couldn’t get over my shyness :( [Anais]: Great looking and a great person too. Kristal’s friends: What can I say? I am forever in your debt! [That being the case, we’ll be sure and give them your credit card number. Sainthood has its expenses, you know …]
  • Wendy / Eric: — They should be at every Risqué party. Great fun! Great people. [They’re among the greatest, actually. Now if we can just get Wendy’s home computer to work …]

for Adult Diary — Keri Windsor, bursting out of the top.The members: To all of you whom I met, you were great. Hope you all enjoyed an English dude’s vacation idea that turned into a party :) Oh, did I say that the girls digged the English accent?! (Come on UK members pick a username and join the fun. You will not kick yourself the next time there is a party). [True. But we reserve the right to kick you, or have Keri let her fingers wander …]

I don’t want to go back to work :( Guess I got to … to pay for the next trip :)


[We planned on actually providing the thumbnails of the photos below, just so that you might get a sense of real porn stars in real life. Then we realized that there are some 178 shots just from this single overview of the event. Then we decided to tell you that we meant to provide those picture, but as it turns out, we did not. Hey, sometimes it helps to have simple goals. If you aim low you may not be disappointed as much.]

[Now we have options. We love options.]

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12 from meet and greet?
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28 from our veritable buffet.
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43 with Dee’s piercing life.

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