This Cytherea Business

This Cytherea Business

As per usual in the “for free” areas we have had to severely limit the photo illustrations, not because we have any problem with the subject matter, obviously, but simply because of what age group might run across these pages unsupervised. Our latest poll of the industry put the total number of companies and individuals that agree with our stance on this at exactly ZERO, by the way. It can be lonely at the top. That, of course, does not make the stance wrong by any means.

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If you want to see more like those, Cytherea chose three more pages of them, along with offering thanks again to the GingerLynnAuctions folks. Bit by bit she’s crawling back into being her former self, and we all continue to be cautiously optimistic. She’s still taking care of an in-law fighting cancer, a husband with some kind of a “blood in the brain” problem, and two young children, one with special needs, but somehow she’s managing.

While none of us would wish to be living Cytherea’s life lately, we sure admire her fortitude. We always knew her to be an amazing woman, but … wow … .

This Cytherea Business

Cytherea Business

As a purely physical matter, the Cytherea Business seems just fine.



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