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TenayaThe posts about Tenaya over the summer and fall seem to have stirred up an unusual amount of interest in the young lady, even for our site, which tends to have active memberships. True, she was the “Summer 2009” Penthouse Pet and that certainly falls into the impressive category, but we know a lot of Pets, and so hearing about them here doesn’t raise that many eyebrows in the grand spectrum.

Apparently our unabashed ranting about the poor level of managerial options that people wanting to break into the adult industry currently face has caused a bit an uproar. Sometimes I forget that quite a few industry professionals follow the members’ side here, and many of those happen to be in the business I admittedly insulted recently. For the record, I stand by the characterizations we made, completely and incontrovertibly, but I will allow that a notable difference exists between an “agent” and a “manager” – even though prospective talent almost certainly would neither draw, nor understand the distinction.

So if I’ve offended some of the talented people out there that do work diligently trying to get their clients good work in the industry, I do apologize. That said, I still can’t name anyone that really fills the “Manager” role as we defined it in the post last week. For those of you that honestly think you Manage (with a capital “M” don’t you know), yet still have a client list that contains more than a half-dozen individuals, well, I’ll be direct again: You’re wrong. One person cannot sincerely be working toward the advancement of career goals of more than a very few people at the same time. The day simply has too few hours, and the objectives of the individuals necessarily become conflicted. I know. I did that job for fifteen years. While not an easy one, it can be one of the most fulfilling in the entertainment industry if you approach it seriously. But you can’t be worried about your own money at the same time you claim to be worried about that of your clients. … Really.

If any of you reading this out here in the free side want to see what caused all the commotion, check back in to the free “Risqué Samples” in a few days. We’re going to put the full editorial in there, even though we don’t pay as much attention to that area as we’d like to. We’ve still got to do a bit of Photoshop work on some of the images, though, even without linking to all the photo gallery pages. We still refuse to post certain imagery in a place on the Web where basically anyone of any age could potentially run across it. Wow …

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There we go again being radical. … Gee. Imagine that.


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