Vicca in Mexico

Vicca of the Motherland, but in Mexico

ViccaA Russian Mamacita

by Cultural Lee Obtuse

OK. We mentioned that some people probably wouldn’t define Vicca as a “mamacita” but then we’ve learned over the years that some people can be just unnecessarily narrow-minded.

One always tries to illustrate concepts with Vicca we have learned, and this photo set occurs because of the suddenly sufficient technology that couldn’t do much with the really average scans one would acquire some years ago. We were indeed in Mexico with the group of the time — Juli Ashton, Taren Steele, Shayla LaVeaux (and her beau, for the rhyming inclined) — and a couple of visitors that happened to look really good naked. Hey, if you’re going to travel, that’s a good guideline to live by we’ve found.

Well, we happened upon this relatively posh country club, and suddenly the photographer decides that this would make a perfect location for a set with Vicca. Granted, it was early, and the club wasn’t open for lunch yet, but it’s not like we were hiding or anything. He just sort of set up off to the side there and waited for the people to play through on the golf course the background of the shots. Vicca seemed remarkable at ease considering that the more conservative of us were just pretty darned nervous about the whole thing. We’ve read a lot about Mexican jails, and we really can’t recall hearing anything particularly positive about the experience.

No one said a word, though, although it did seem that a couple of the holes were backing up a bit in the rotation, and there must have been a lot of really bad golf scores recorded that morning, not that anyone cared probably.

So enjoy these pictures while we’re off conquering the world (again) for the next few days. Come to think of it, if we’re going to conquer, it would be a good idea to bring Vicca along maybe. Somehow it seems like people wouldn’t mind being pillaged by her as much.

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Oh, and since we’re sort of in an “isn’t that interesting about real movies” mode, we learned something else to pass along. Did you know that when you’re positioning the lights for a shot that it’s against SAG rules to just have a crew member, or somebody else, stand in for the star while you get everything set up? You have to have these official “stand in” people, and they cost $150/day to provide this service. Now that’s cheaper than irritating the star in the long run, but it does seem an interesting rule. What a fascinating world movie-making can be.

Just a Note on Vicca Appearing Today

[We never know exactly where people may come from when they hit upon a story in free risque, so we generally feel the need to explain some things. Just to be clear, our friendly — but ever-so-annoyingly placed — “Risque Shush Dude” (as he has affectionately become known here) did not in fact travel with Vicca to Mexico. A fellow of limited inspiration, in fact, the Risque Shush Dude never makes an appearance on photographs in the Members’ Area. Y’know, just to be clear …]


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