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Go Broncos

Go Broncos!
Bleeding Orange & Blue, Without Actually Bleeding by D.Minion [We ran this story a couple of seasons ago after a Super Bowl with Seattle that sane Bronco fans have chosen not to remember at all. Seeing as how we happen to know quite a few Patriots fans, we thought we would put it up on […]

Rack to the Future

Rack to the Future
The Risque October 21, 2015 by What About Boob? As many of you have likely heard by now, in one of the Back to the Future movies the protagonist goes WAY forward in time … to October 21, 2015. [We will now pointedly ignore any consideration of how old we were when — or if […]

Dee: Back in Black

Dee Back in Black
The Color of HoneyNew PaulmanAs a rule, you would think that in order to even be interested in a career in the adult movie industry, you probably think a good bit outside the conservative political box. You would think that a pervasive open-mindedness characterizes the populace of our little society. You would think that as […]