Souring Sweet Georgia Adair

Sweet Georgia AdairBecoming Georgia Adair, Chapter III

by D.Minion

[Ten years ago this month Georgia Adair did her last professional movie, the end of her custom trilogy from Michael Ninn called Becoming Georgia Adair, Chapter III. At the time we decided to hold off an entire decade before telling this story, naturally having absolutely no realistic expectation that we would still be not only operational, but expanding, when the years had passed. Well, they did, and D.Minion had us put together consecutive day posts for her Labor Day “Three-Day Weekend” 2014. Only part two appears on the free side, but feel free to grab some BBQ and contemplate Michael Ninn and the inadvertently abused Sweet Georgia.]

DAY ONE — part two

After lunch, I found photographer Mario taking pictures of Paola Rey by the fountain. Paola is Brazilian and more than stunning. She resembles an even more beautiful Katherine Zeta-Jones! I discovered that she did Adult movies in Brazil, had been in the states five days, and this was her third American movie. [Hey, some people are just quick studies. You may remember that we featured Paola in a set with Marlie Moore just a couple of posts ago. Sometimes we’re just amazingly cohesive — other times, not so much.]

Mario appreciated her beauty, also, snapping photo after photo. “This is the longest Pretty Girl photo session in the history of Pretty Girl!” one of the crew laughed. “Hire her yourself! We have to get going!” Reluctantly, Mario allowed the video guys to “steal” his model. [Some women simply have a natural magnetism. You might be able to study it, but of course you’ll be completely distracted by that same magnetism. It can be really fun to try, though. … By the way, sorry about the limited “functioning” photos here, but come to find out, people are naked a lot on adult movie sets.]

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Paola situated herself under the round staircase. I zipped up to the top and peeked over the edge. Cronin began walking her through her solo. “Work up to orgasm, then let us know you’re done. Kiss your fingers.” [Apparently saying, “Voila!” was optional.]

Paola listened and followed his directions. As she came closer and closer to orgasm she began speaking Portuguese! I’m used to hearing Dee speaking Spanish when she has sex, but Portuguese was new! I couldn’t understand a thing, but it sure sounded sexy! (Although Vicca and Nikita recited grocery lists when asked to speak Russian, so I can’t really be sure. I wished my buddy Maverick was there. He speaks fluent Portuguese and could translate!) [Sure. That would be foremost on his mind when watching Paola masturbate. Of course it would.]

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