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Shayla Being RisqueThe Lexi Lexicon

by Dazed and Confused

Despite what some people around here might have you believe, the annual Adult Entertainment Expo tends to excite us for more than simply the glut of sprinkle donuts. We get to connect with friends we have not seen in awhile, and sometimes we even get to meet stars that we have not had a chance to sit down and chat with over the year. [Yeah, those directors on set get all pissy when you are simply trying to have a nice chat with someone and they need them on set.]

Some dangers do exist, though, as meeting new people can result in creating even more confusion for our sadly simple brains. Mere “names” can be the source of the potentially greatest consternation as it turns out. [Just out of curiosity, can one have slight consternation?] Take for example the seemingly innocent — well, relatively, considering her chosen career path — woman pictured here. Many of us spent the entire week dreading the situation where one of us might meet and befriend this young lass. By all accounts she seems a perfectly wonderful woman, with the brains and desire to accomplish whatever she wishes in this business. But we have a more personal problem. [Wow. This is a lousy business for people with personal problems.]

You see, Mav has a Lexi and Gibby has a Lexi — and they happen to be two different Lexi’s. The whole “Love” and “Belle” thing really doesn’t help, because they both happen to be lovely, and they both are obviously women. … It can make old people’s heads hurt. [Hey, that’s relative. Deciding whether or not to have bacon on your cheeseburger can make old people’s heads hurt.] We have the damnedest time keeping them apart. Mav always says, “Just remember … ” and then we forget the rest. [Truth be told, some of us pretty much forget everything Mav says. Not me, of course, but some other people.]

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Fortunately [or not] none of us happened to run into this new Lexi, though, so at least for awhile the elderly here can stop fretting. Sadly, though, one woman we were actually hoping to meet did not end up attending the show. Who could resist the chance to meet another “Summers” in the game, particularly when we had Kristal in tow? [If you want to read a very new and remarkably thorough analysis of the adult industry marketplace you should check out The Unsexpected Story. Also, Darren now owes me lunch.] Alas, it was not to be, leaving us with a few photos, a video, and a list of unfulfilled desires. [Ain’t that just like porn sometimes?]

We could not actually use the photos from the members’ side here, so we put in a fun sneak-peek instead. If one cannot be explicit, one should at least be fun.

The Lexicon without the Lexi

Call It a Summers Con

Zarena Summers

(This would be “con” not in the way of “take advantage, but rather in the CONvetion or CONquest way.)

Of course conventions do often provide wonderful moments of unexpected pleasure, like these two moments. The “window” shot came about when one of us dropped by Kristal’s room to tell her the plan for the day, and the other — well — let’s just say that Gibby came in a day late for some of the festivities. [I did ask Kristal if she had just gotten out of the shower or if the windows just always fogged up at her house when it was cold outside, but she just blushed and giggled. Who knew that porn stars could still blush after over a decade in the business?]

Of course now we have an excuse to get some more Zarena pics and video when we finally do get a chance to meet her. All in all, the “Summers” seem less confusing than the “Lexis.” [Clearly we need to have a Lexi Week at the office and have them both come visit. That would probably help.]

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