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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

8/31/17 Lexi BelleOne can get too “clever” with bylines, so you might benefit from knowing that Anita Ward sang the song with the same name as this story, and June was Ward’s wife in the television series, Leave it to Beaver. … Come to think of it, that would a really good tag line for Risqué in general — Leave it to Beaver, not Anita Ward. … It can be odd around here, perhaps you have noticed. [STAR TAGS: Lexi Belle]
8/27/17 Missy Monroe


“Flash Flood” pt 2 | Missy for Short

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8/26/17 norma jeaneWhat’s in a name? Well, it depends, naturally. If the name happens to be Lotto Winner, well, that might bring up an entirely different mental image than say, Lotto Loser — which, sadly, more accurately described our office this week. Should the name be Cherry Garcia, it might be just the thing to make everyone happy, even the Lotto Loser people — even if the twist in the name escapes some folks, because they’re just too damned young to appreciate history yet. Speaking of twists in a name, we ruminate upon Risqué’s Norma Jeane today, a fact perhaps not as sweet as Cherry Garcia, but one potentially more fulfilling. [STAR TAGS: Norma Jeane Video]  
8/23/17 Satine Sparks


Sparks with Satine

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8/20/17 Marco Rivera & Casey Cumz


Love in an Analvator | pics & vid

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8/20/17 Jayden Cole


Aubrey Gold – Anita Blue – Jenna Jay – Imani Rose – Dillion Harper – Priya Rai

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8/13/17 Angela Stone


“Flash Flood” pt 1 | Stone Washed

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8/10/17 Ameara LeVay and Troy Ocean


Shades of Hookup | pics

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8/7/17 Tori BlackYou know how just when you get some particular thing about the opposite sex figured out perfectly, you quickly learn: Naw. You don’t. In fact you’re not even close? … Add into that some generational gaps, and then try to figure out where empowerment starts to overtake scandalizing, where sexual and sexist start to intersect. … When you can do that, come on down and we’ll put you to work. As some of us consider “Ms Takes on Misogyny” we fondly recall days where chocolate or butterscotch were the burning questions of the moment.  [STAR TAGS: Tori Black]
8/6/17 Jenna Ivory


Alix Lovell – Roxy Jezel – Katie Summers – Adessa Winters – Jenna Ivory – Skin Diamond

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

8/5/17 Tori Black


The Lesson Plan | vid

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8/1/17 Tanya Cox


What Does the Cox Say?

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