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… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


A grand thing about operating an adult web site comes up on this particular date every year. You see, we don’t have much trouble coming up with celebratory treats; in fact, we rather enjoy it. (And if you’re wondering we certainly don’t know anything about anyone turning tricks, because that would be wrong after all.) So when Maverick had an idea this year, and the idea included Juli Ashton, well, it sounded like an excellent plan. The supporting cast of Madison and Mackenzie seemed willing, and we got an excuse to flavor the event (so to speak) with Capri Anderson again — always a good time. So how far off track could this go? Yeah, well, it seems like maybe holidays are different in Europe. Still, it’s another festive day in our strange lives. [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton Video, Capri Anderson, Mackenzie Pierce, Madison Scott]

Tricky Treats, Truth be Told

You don’t need to spend much time with the Members Section before you figure out that things tend to go in waves around here for some reason. (The writer had originally termed this going “in spurts” when he submitted the project, but upon proofing the text that seemed like maybe a poor way to describe something on an adult site — at least for a post that only has women in it.) We’ve been doing a good bit of Dee lately (not the fun way that sounds, sadly, though), but for whatever reason the stories have all been the “hanging around in life” sorts and not the “dressed up (or not) for work as a porn star” sorts. At the risk of too much Dee, we decided to go ahead with a collection of those “gussied-up” shots this time around. We do want to note, however, that while “too much Dee” didn’t seem like much of a real risk, the set we had in the queue happened to be of Dee with Georgia Adair, so you’ll need to steel yourself for that complication should you decide to proceed. … Have you ever noticed that it can be difficult to say anything at all around here without a double entendre?  [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Georgia Adair]

Dee and Georgia might be discussing shoes. Maybe.

Odds seem pretty good that most of you didn’t spend the weekend explaining to co-workers that a bye week in the NFL does not mean that a team takes a week off so that the players can spend a romantic weekend away together. Sigh. … Less complicated to understand, apparently, would be another installment of Dee at KSEX, although this time we’re throwing in a bonus segment of Dee in more traditional aspects of everyday life — nurturing a new puppy, demonstrating why it’s good to keep the water circulating in your swimming pool, and bopping naked around the office. Just like life at your place, right? [FEATURED TAGS: KSEX Radio, Dee, Candy Apples]

Dee wearing a bathing suit in the office, more or less.

Age turns out to be one of those things that just remains difficult to wrap your head around. As the football savvy in the office kept trying to explain how young (the Denver Broncos new) coach Josh McDaniels happens to be to D.Minion, she just didn’t seem to really comprehend the concept. “He’s seven years younger than Julia Ann,” we explained, and then our fair Minion understood. Both DM and Lon attended Julia’s Party for 40 (years, not people) and since then D.Minion has been sleeping and Lon has been smiling. Maybe it’s a testosterone thing. [FEATURED TAGS: Julia Ann, Kristal Summers, Jessica Drake, Devinn Lane]

Julia Ann, with a Message in there somewhere

As a public service to those of you out there that may be Buccaneers, or Rams, or (Heaven Forbid) Tennessee Titans fans, and thus may not want to think about football too much today, we thought we’d give you a nice long typical “D.Minion on Set with the Allegedly Innocent” exercise. For those of us from Denver that follow football (and that’s pretty much a law out there) we can be comfortable knowing that all these wonderful naked women working in the adult movie business will be here for us to look at tomorrow. And we can hope San Diego loses the game tonight. [FEATURED TAGS: Sarah Blake, Wanda Curtis, Tiffany Tyler, Randy Wright, Felix Vicious, Kelly Klein Video, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn]

Evan Stone on set. Not the best photograph taken on this day.

Had we known Maverick were so quickly going to pick up on our “Pretty in Pink” reference this week, we’d have talked about a much better movie over all — even though porn and pink do seem to go together delightfully. That said, you might enjoy his next Syren Sexton episode, and consider how weird this all might have turned out if we’d started out talking about The Princess Bride. People would be wandering around saying “Anybody want a peanut?” [FEATURED TAGS: AdultStars247.com, Syren Sexton Video, Exclusive Video]

Syren - Even Pretty without a Peanut

For some people, talking the talk and walking the walk seem to be disjointed concepts at best. Actually, when it comes to sex, people generally don’t talk the talk at all, and most of us would probably remain happier if we didn’t really know how “well” we walk the walk. Normal people aside, though, Jana Jordan seems to be able to both quite well, with the predictable results we’re guessing. As confusing as most of life can be, we thought it a fine time to display some consistency. … Present company excepted, naturally, we will note that consistency isn’t a virtue if you suck. (Somebody should mention that to the Oakland Raiders and the St. Louis Rams, don’t you agree?) [FEATURED TAGS: Jana Jordan Video, Exclusive Video]

Jana ... with a Sign Language of Sorts

It seemed logical that after showing off some Pretty in Pink we ought reasonably demonstrate a Beautiful in Blue segment. After all, we’re nothing around here if not colorful. True, you might be able to find those that would characterize our approach as more dubious and erratic than colorful, but some people tend toward the very narrow-minded. Have you noticed? Besides, have you ever tried to find whimsy in even a very impressive black and white image? You can find drama, certainly, but fun requires a full spectrum view, which we clearly provide around here. And we needn’t exactly tell you who’s on tap to titillate today, we just have to say that we have Georgia on our Mind, and we’re not even thinking about Willie Nelson. Works for us. It probably will for you too. [FEATURED TAGS: Georgia Adair]

Georgia Adair - When Honey Gets Blue

Two Interns actually showed up to work most of the summer this year, but sadly they’ve both now had to return to school, presumably to learn how to do much more important things than we do around here. Were we better people, we’d take this opportunity to wish them well, thank them for their efforts, and assure them that we’d keep a spot open for them next year, due (no doubt) to their sterling character and exceptional skills. Now while all of that certainly qualifies as true, we are not “better people” per se, so we’re just jumping in with Juli, Kristal, and Dee — and demonstrating definitively what book-learning can cost one. Life’s full of lessons, isn’t it? [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Dee, Kristal Summers]

Dee, Juli, and Kristal - pretty in pink

Did you hear the one about the newlyweds that forgot the difference between vaseline and putty? … Their windows fell out. … That old joke, much like all of life, really comes down to one’s perspective and how you approach any situation. If you want to know the truth, that single issue really helps keep the site fun to work on, and the people in the adult industry a unique pleasure to experience. Also, having spent some significant time last month visiting with an old friend, it seemed a good time to introduce everyone to a new one. Hey, if you can’t have deep meaning in your life, at least strive for symmetry. That’s always nice. [FEATURED TAGS: Reagan Conner Audio, Exclusive Audio]

Reagan Conner with a different Sage Wisdom fellow.