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50 Ways to Have Your Lover

50 Ways in Risque Retrospect
Hindsight need not always lead to sadness. Providing a Risque Retrospect on life on the Sexuality Lane, for example, can be quite pleasant—and fascinating.

Lexi Belle and the Pet Puzzle

Lexi Belle
Ring That Belle by Nobody Special It takes all kinds to make a world. Seriously, it does not take a great deal of scientific knowledge to understand that if all people were attracted to the same woman, the population would die out pretty darn quickly. Also, this woman would always be very, very tired. If […]
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The Jamie Huxley Conundrum

Devinn Lane's Legs
Landing in for a Coming by Nobody Special You know how every once in a while you get a feeling that golly an orgasm would feel good right about now? And you know how as you head up the stairs to your nice comfy bed on which to accomplish this helpful goal you sometimes think, […]