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Michael Ninn’s Catherine — Overloaded

Michael Ninn's Catherine
Catherine — The Finished by Bone Tired Did you ever look at a word for so long that you were convinced it had to be spelled wrong, even though you “knew” it was correct? I don’t care what those geniuses out there think; too much concentration may not be a good thing. Pretty soon we’re […]

Risque Luck on Friday the 13th

Audrey Hollander for Risque Luck
Personal Insights (A Sad, but all Too True bit of Risque Luck) Friday the 13th seemed like a good day for a chap named “Lucky” to come clean for a moment. So we’re going to spend some time on a difficult subject for any of us that have been fired from a job in our […]

Cam Shows Archive

In Mexico with Juli Ashton
Beaten (and quite stirred) by Y.B. Normal You know, we felt like we’d exhausted all of the frivolous excuses to show you more installments from Dee’s Cam Shows that you missed, and just because Kristal and Mr. Marcus were there in this particular instance, and Carol happened to be in town to authenticate the experience, […]

Anais — A Matter of “Choice”

Somebody’s Daughter by Lucky The calendar reads “Fathers’ Day” as I write this, and it gives me “Pa’s” to reflect. (Even on quiet Sunday mornings, approaching rather more serious issues than would be our “usual,” one must always take time out for a proper pun when the opportunity presents itself.) Despite the regular trials and […]