California Prop 60

California Prop 60

The Real Prop 60 Point

If you like reading, the best place we have found for a quick, simple explanation of what the law really says would probably be at Penthouse. However, seeing as how that publication features women controlling their own bodies, if not exactly their own clothing, perhaps the LA Times might not embarrass you.

Naturally, due to personal — as well as frequently admitted — bias, we also would recommend a slightly more in-depth analysis by our good buddy Julia Ann. Of course since Google bought YouTube, you can no longer download videos from there, so this will only be visible here for as long as “somebody else” leaves it on YouTube.

For the record, that sucks — not as much as Prop 60 sucks — but it still sucks.

We do not really need to worry about Cyberdyne Systems in the future; you know that, right? No, when the machines decide to consider all humanity a threat and take over independent control on their own, it will be Google … or maybe Amazon.

First we have to worry about Prop 60, though.


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