Kiwi Time Tender

Can We Say Kiwi Time?

Somehow we ended up “consulting” with a band of young musicians up in San Francisco. This all came about because … well, come to think of it, we’re really not sure. One day we’re visiting with a friend up there that sells high-end computer networking equipment, and he says, “You should come see this band I decided to sponsor.”

The next thing any of us can remember, we’re sucking back vodka and Red Bulls while brimming with all sorts of assurances of assistance. OK, so the lead singer does happen to be a rather comely lass, and the men in the group have the sort of looks that attract all sorts of “way better than fair” members of the fairer sex, so that could have had something to do with it. Also, they all happen to be Russian, so most of the beautiful women hanging around tend to have those seriously sexy accents. Basically we were all doomed before we even knew we were in the game.

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

At any rate, we ended up shooting some promotional material and one of those ultra-ultra low budget music videos last week. If you want to get some idea of the “lowness” of this budget, actually, we can tell you that simply by buying lunch we think we became the highest ranking investors in the project. We rode the bus around the city to shoot. Honest. It was a blast. … We also grabbed dinner at a Russian restaurant where, interestingly enough, all the other people in the place were Russian, as were the menus, and all of the staff. We ate some red stuff that was unusual, but not bad, and some green stuff that was pretty good. Then there was this sort of little cubes of ingredients potato salady stuff that was actually quite tasty. Should this ever happen to you, however, you should be aware that pickled herring tastes exactly like you think it will, so be careful with your bite size. Dessert involved butterscotch ice cream with sour cherry topping — no kidding — so feel free to try that at home, you know, after you finish feasting on the pickled herring.

We will tell you this about that, however: Having done it both ways now, floating around San Francisco shooting the “environment” might be even more fun with poor people than it can be with rich people. San Francisco “society” has a certain insulation factor built in.


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