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Risqué Commune Throes in the Towel

Risque Commune Throes in the Towel
Wishing Upon THE Star by Davis Paige We hate to be all politically incorrect and all that, but looks count. Remember all those folks that could see the very fine new clothes the Emperor was wearing? … Yeah, they were lying. You see, once upon a time in a very different America back in the […]
Jana Jordan for Millennial Business

Top Ten Millennial Business Facts

Sophia in Millennial BusinessLabor Day seemed like an excellent time to do a quick Top Ten list about Millennial Business ideas. This being the generation of a lifeline in 140-character increments, after all, too many words could confuse them and make them sad. For a group that grew up where Everyone Gets a Trophy, of course, that represents a major faux pas. Of course bringing in a foreign phrase that some people might not understand could be some equally offensive transgression too, so we should probably just move along.

For the record, the current Millennial Circle has not provided the “conceptual quality” of photographs we prefer around here, so we grabbed some clothed on-the-set shots that D.Minion took, interestingly on our very first set dominated by Millennials — although nobody used that term back then. So enjoy a few snippets of House of Perez while you consider Millennial Business concepts. (And please forgive us for already using — up to the beginning of this parenthetical insight — 931 characters. EEEEK! … Oh, the humanity! … )

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Monique Alexander, Charlie Laine (cuddling) Penny Flame
[As regular perusers of the free risque “tour” can attest, we will often run articles out here that ran with their more explicit illustration many years ago. Generally something current reminds us of something back then, so we will look up the original piece and pull it out again for free display. To be clear, […]
Heather Vuur

Heather Vandeven Vuur

Read The Story of “V”

but still eat at the “Y”

Bride Heather Vandeven Vuur[One could make a pretty good argument that Risqué spends its time in a world of its own invention. That may well be, but created it by listening to a whole lot of people over a whole lot of years. Real people read the emails sent in — although for the record, we really don’t need stock tips or prescription drugs from out of the country. We do, however, get more than a few very interesting and specific ones, not even counting the ones that insist on telling us we’re out of our collective mind.

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