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Risqué Commune Throes in the Towel

Risque Commune Throes in the Towel
Wishing Upon THE Star by Davis Paige We hate to be all politically incorrect and all that, but looks count. Remember all those folks that could see the very fine new clothes the Emperor was wearing? … Yeah, they were lying. You see, once upon a time in a very different America back in the […]

Purely Feminine Fatale

Where There’s a Wile There’s a Wary by Nobody Special In rather atypical fashion the folks around here have been trying to keep me focused a bit. The story (as we observed it only, naturally) of the “Jana – Georgia – Faye” progression seems particularly fascinating to the newer people in the office, but maybe […]

Par for Brittany Andrews

Juli, Julia Ann, Brittany, and Kristal Make A Playboy Video by D.Minion Let’s start at the very beginning. (A very good place to start.) Playboy Magazine was putting together “The 12 Most Important Women In Adult Films” for their March issue. Risqué Girls Juli Ashton, Julia Ann, and Risqué Liaison Brittany Andrews were chosen for […]
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