Julia Ann Horses Around

A Horse, of Course

by D.Minion

Felipe, Julia Ann and Sammy — A FamilyThe next day [of the Playboy TV Special Episode shoot] I was Julia Ann’s house at 7:30 in the morning. (No one really needs more than four hours of sleep a night!) She drove me to her private Latin Dance lesson. Our intrepid camera crew was already there and ready to film it. Julia said that she was watching TV, saw people doing things that she wanted to do, and decided to learn. One of the things she wanted to learn was Latin Dancing. [Of all the Latin things I’ve wanted to “learn,” dancing has never been on the list, at least not the vertical kind. But I’m digressing again …]

So far, she’s had only ten lessons, but she’s GOOD! There are five dance levels, and Julia Ann’s a level 3. I happily watched Julia put Astaire and Rodgers to shame for a couple of hours as she glided around the room, mirroring her instructor, and even doing splits!

Then we went back to Julia’s house. Julia showed off her culinary skills by putting together an impromptu breakfast for the crew. (And one lucky reporter!) [Technically, one “diminutive” reporter, actually.] Julia’s an excellent cook and we munched down eggs, hash browns, and the most delicious buttermilk biscuits I’ve ever eaten!

We went into Julia’s bedroom and booted up her computer for a tour of her new web site. It’s been in the works for months, and looks awesome! She has a web master, but does a lot of the work herself. I can’t wait for the live web cam shows!

At last the piece de resistance–Julia’s horse Felipe. He’s big; he’s black, and he’s beautiful. Julia Ann is an expert horsewoman. She’s been riding since childhood, and she loves it! She’s fortunate that her horse is stabled in her backyard so she can ride whenever she gets a chance. Julia introduced us to her horse, and then put him through his paces. As they raced around the yard, her dog Sammy followed her. Then she showed us how Felipe can sit and lie down on cue. Cool! [You really haven’t lived until you see Julia say, “Sit, Felipe. Sit!” And all “15.2 hands” and 1,500 pounds of stallion does just that. It’s weird.]


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