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Young Ginger Lynn

Pick a Pack o’ Pics

by Piper Peters

Young Ginger LynnCome to find out, y’all will be getting a lot of Ginger Lynn today, each more or less celebrating her welcome place as part of the working risque commune. Of course the web has a way of providing frozen moments in time — both good and bad, as we all have seen — yet somehow two authors separated by a country, an ocean, and at least one really funny accent, both hit upon young Ginger as befitting special note on the same day. [This could bespeak poor supervision, but such a conclusion would lead to self-criticism, a practice generally avoided around these parts. We figure enough people criticize us all the time. No sense adding to the pile.]

Still, the two views do show up in different sections of the site, and, let’s be honest: Ginger has more than enough personality to justify at least two concurrent views. [To be completely honest, I personally have more than two concurrent views on how many concurrent views one can have about Ginger in order to cover them all.]

To point, one of Ginger’s own blog posts from earlier this week spurred this author to pen and paper — yeah, so fingers to keyboard — and offer just another opinion in the long line of them that exist pertaining to the iconic Ginger Lynn. She’s a part of the commune, so of course we love her like a sister, but if you have ever had or known any sisters, you understand well how mercurial can be that relationship. [Yeah, and also it changes a lot.]

We begin with her own words:

Contemporary Ginger Lynn

In the very beginning of my adult career I modeled for three months before I made the decision to perform in adult films. My agent would book me for various photo shoots. Everything from Penthouse, to Swank, to private shoots. (A private shoot means that there is no specific deal with a magazine.) On this particular occasion I had a private shoot set up. I arrived for the day in my purple and pink striped dolphin shorts and my t-shirt that said “Sun Your Buns at Needles, California.”

You can click the link and read the rest of her story, and in fact, we all encourage you to do so.

Although not an issue Ginger addresses specifically, a personal take from a person that has both an eReader and a book with actual printed pages on the nightstand at any given moment might be worth the effort.

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