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August 2016 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

8/30/16 Kristal SummersFor everything there is a season, and for some reason every time we think about that we end up spinning around in a circle thinking, “turn, turn, turn” — which explains why we try not to think about it that much, truth be told. That said, as summer thoughts turn to fall, our Summers thoughts always turn to Kristal this time of year. She has a birthday on September 1st, you see, and having remained one of the office favorites for more than a decade now, we thought we’d be the first to wish her well by jumping the gun a bit on the best wishes. She’s very popular, you know.… [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers, Sasha Gray]
8/28/16 Angela Stone


Lascivious Liquidity | part six

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8/27/16 Samantha Bentley


Pinball Wizardess(es)

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8/26/16 Kylie on the Radio


The Head Porn Star (#52)

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8/21/16 Hope


Kelly Nichols – Angel Vain – Mika Tan – Britney Young – Hope – Zoey Laine

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

8/20/16 Volley to Ball


Volley to Ball | vid

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8/20/16 Rachel Starr, Charlie Santana, Brooke Cherry, Cayden MooreWinning an Olympic Gold Medal seems as though it would be a truly wonderful thing, although the effort surrounding that achievement would likely follow you the rest of your life. If nothing else, you will need to practice appearing humble every time people look at you with awe. Also, you will need to practice bringing this humble fact up in conversation with strangers every time you enter a new pub and do not wish to pay for your own drinks. … Suppose, however, you won an Olympic Gold Medal for “Men’s Dinghy” at your Olympics. What do you do in that case? … In our case, we decided to feature four women playing beach volleyball, and then progressing in an adult manner when next behind closed doors. We didn’t have to worry about dinghies at all. [STAR TAGS: Charlie Santana Video, Brooke Cherry Video, Cayden Moore Video, Rachel Starr Video]
8/13/16 ViccaWhen you’re very young you can’t wait for your birthday because it means something very special happens. You often get one of your favorite meals, everyone treats you like you’re something special, and — were we being honest — you get presents. After age 21 those reasons probably don’t exist for the most part, except for the well-wishes from friends (hopefully). Then, at some point in most lives, birthdays really lose their luster, but most of us have at least one friend that will point out an essential truth: Having another birthday may suck, but it beats the heck out of the alternative. … Happy Birthday, Vicca. [STAR TAGS: Vicca Video, Nikita, Brittany Andrews, Alyssa Love]
8/10/16 Chantelle Fox


Chantelle y Lace, señors y señoritas

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8/7/16 Missy Monroe and Toys


Lascivious Liquidity | part five

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8/6/16 Shayla LaVeaux


Gag Me with a Swoon

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8/1/16 Jesse FontanaAt first blush, y’know, as it were, one might think that doing a scene all by yourself in an adult movie might be the “easiest” way to dip your toe in metaphorically — or literally, maybe, if you happen to be really, really limber. Truth be told, ask any female adult star you happen to run across, however, and she will almost certainly tell you that “solo” scenes rank as the most difficult performances, not the easiest at all. Most of us probably learned at a very young age not to make a lot of noise while masturbating, for example. Most of us probably do not risk cramps in our limbs so that lights and photographic equipment might have unobstructed gynecological views. Moreover, the vast majority of us probably do not jump up, spin around, and contort in an entirely different direction three or four times during a single … um … exercise. So remember this as you watch such performances. They’re movies, y’all, made for entertainment. Do not necessarily try this at home. [STAR TAGS: Jesse Fontana Video]