The “Forbitten” Miko Lee

relaxing with miko leeForbitten 2 — The Sex

by D.Minion

[If you missed it, the link to part one of this story will be at the bottom of this page (well, in the members’ section). You might want to read about the event in order, or you may not be as anal as, say, D.Minion, and that might not matter to you much. Fortunately in our business, being decidedly anal can be a good thing.] Finally the preliminaries were over. It was time for the sex to begin! Yee haw! Shayla, Raquel, and Tommy had been flirting with each other all morning, and they were ready to tear each others’ clothes off! [You can’t really tell it from this picture, but we’re sure that’s what they are all thinking at this particular moment in time.]

raquel devine, tommy gunn, shayla laveauxFirst, though, they had to deliver that darned dialogue they had been practicing! Luckily for them the run-throughs had worked, and the trio flew through their lines like the professionals they are. In it, Detectives LaVeaux and Gunn investigate Raquel to see if she knows anything about the many missing women in town. (She does, but she won’t tell them! And I can’t tell you what Raquel does to them before the sex begins. You’ll have to watch the movie! Ooooh!) [Um. this movie is about vampires. You can probably guess what Raquel does. If you’re a risqué member, you’re at least that smart we can safely assume.]

OK. Dialogue done. NOW it was time for sex! Uh, not quite. The studio insisted on six minutes of SUPER soft core before the actual fun could begin. No assholes, no pubic hair, nothing below the waist. At least nipples were OK! “No assholes,” Tommy joked. “I guess I gotta go!” (Hee, hee, hee!) [Odd as it may seem, a few of the people on set did in fact need more instruction than simply “nothing below the waist” on camera. Clearly not all people on porn crews would be qualified to be risqué members.]

Even More Risque:  The Risque AEE 2015 Report

Since Poppy was busy with the BTS video camera, I got to work the clapperboard! I was so proud! I love playing PA! And they made such a nice sound … . [This seems as good a time as any to explain that at this point in the calendar year we had already been working for some time on helping Michael with the release of The Four. Consequently D.Minion might have felt herself leaning to the “artistically inclined” point of view, even more than usual. We have no other explanation for some of the photographs she delivered.]

miko lee on set miko lee on set miko lee on set miko lee on set miko lee on set

A quick trip to the makeup room for a touch up before the REAL sex could begin. When we got there, Lucky informed us that Miko Lee was so impressed with Shayla, that she wanted her back for Part 3 of the trilogy — maybe as a vampire, or maybe as a partial vampire! “Half a vampire,” Shayla giggled. “Maybe I’ll only have one fang!” [Presumably that would only partially suck in that case. More (or less if you’re a vampire) sucky news, as it turned out, came when Miko went to a Wicked Maven Director to talk about distribution. Rather than complete the trilogy, this “friend” convinced Ms. Lee to bag the entire vampire efforts completed thus far and replace her efforts with new and improved ones that featured — purely by coincidence, we’re sure — an entirely new cast and crew, helpfully picked by said Wicked Maven. Gosh, but benevolence can be very difficult to recognize sometimes, can it not?]

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