Sex Smart Films to the Rescue

Required Courses

by P. H. Dee

Have you ever thought that God screwed up big time by making the sex drive and sexuality such a basic part of our nature, but failed to give us any sort of instinctive knowledge about it beyond the simple mechanics?

OK. So we might be able to find a few “bigger” questions for The Honcho Deity Dude (or Dudette, if you figure that way), but still, this whole “don’t tell them anything about sex other than the fact that it feels really good” seems like a pretty big boo-boo in the grand scheme of Oops.

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Well, for the last few months, the core programmers, along with the audio and video techs at risqué have been hard at work making the world a better place. … Well, maybe not a better place per se, but hopefully a more educated one. A new friend has spent the last decade or so compiling video from around the world dealing with the topic of sex and sexuality, you see, and somewhere along the line we joined the Education Cause.

Oddly enough, we found that most “liberal” sex education commercials came from countries we never associate with that sort of thinking, like Israel, for example. Most importantly, we learned a shocking amount about the very low quality of sex education in America. Now we can take falling behind the rest of the world in silly things like math and science, but SEX!? C’mon people …


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