The “Forbitten” Miko Lee

miko lee on setColumnist Tod Hunter had come to the set and was interviewing the lovely Katsuni. He made Shayla promise she’d give him an interview before she left. Shayla was thrilled! She was a bit tired, but enjoys keeping her fans informed! (Doesn’t Katsuni in her vampire makeup and costume remind you of a more glamorous Morticia Addams?) [Hmm. I really don’t remember thinking this on set for sure. Then again, I don’t think about 60’s television nearly as much as D.Minion.]

Back upstairs in the dining room, Shayla and Raquel emoted. Raquel was wearing a sundress, but Shayla was dressed down in a cute blouse and jeans. When she mentioned how warm she was feeling, the cameramen suggested she take off her pants. After all they were only filming her from the waist up! [Apparently by this time they had warmed to the concept. Good for them.] Shayla thought that was a wonderful idea, so she delivered her last bit of dialogue in her panties! (Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just take off your pants when you got hot? Well, it would be nice if everyone looked as cute as Shayla!) [Well put.]

With the final dialogue finished, Shayla made good on her promise to Tod Hunter and granted him an interview — making sure to plug! Yay, Shayla! [Of course if you’re reading this now, you don’t really need the plug; so there’s that.]

Raquel Devine exited the mansion after giving Shayla a big hug and kiss! They promised to stay in touch, and I’m sure they will — especially since they will be together in Forbitten Darkness 3 in July! And we’ll be there to chronicle it for all of Shayla’s fans! Whoo hoo! [You might consider humming You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille to yourself while you think about that last part, which never actually happened. If nothing else, it will distract you. Sometimes in life that’s all one can get out of a situation. Of course Shayla got that and orgasms. I’m pretty sure she wins.]

Scary on a Couple of Levels, that Miko Lee

Miko Lee

Her eyes have seen the gory …

By the way, there were more “clean” photos from this day, and we did provide at least a bit of a synopsis from day one there. Even though D.Minion called this one “The Sex” in her title, the other one had a heck of a lot more … um … adult activity going on in the photos. You will find it HERE should you desire more Forbitten Fruit.

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