December 2007 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


We read an “Old English” saying the other day that seems particularly appropriate for our little group on occasion. “Drink is the curse of the land. It makes you fight with your neighbor. It makes you shoot at your landlord, and it makes you miss him.” … Now we have traveled all over the world, and we don’t think that this philosophy necessarily applies just to the Brits, even though today’s post does happen to involve a few of them rather substantially. We call it Pending Nuptials … or Impending Doom. We’re not really sure which, to tell you the truth. [FEATURED TAGS: Suzie Best Video, Exclusive Video, Maverick]

Kristal Summers sneaking a peek.

Now it wouldn’t be a typical Christmas Greeting if we didn’t have something special for the members, now would it? OK. Usually they’re attached to some really bad puns, but you’ve probably come to expect that by now. Of course this year you’re all getting a very special gift by all of us in the office … and Lon, oddly enough. And Lon didn’t even know he was getting you anything, probably. But he’s been after us for some time to pop up all of those little images on the video wall out on the free side, and we’ve finally managed to make him happy. You can now look up all those little bitty pictures and see the “full versions” along with a caption that explains it. Get yourself some eggnog, as there are 116 “pages” here, but it should make for a dandy way to spend some time after you’ve given up on your new electronics and such. Oh, and what do you think this photo represents, you may ask? … Simple. [FEATURED TAGS: Video Wall, Santa]

Presence Beneath the Tree
Presence ‘Neath the Tree.

We’re taking a break for what has been a whirlwind of “code” just to look at some pretty girls … and provide a little educational spark too, as you’d expect. If you want our unbiased (clearly) opinion, we should all try to get some Santa’s Helpers that look like Kristal Steal and Sky. Heck, we wouldn’t even care if they were naughty … [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Steal, Sky]

The Sky's the Limit, obvously.

Having your football team only score 13 points isn’t necessarily bad – unless the opposing team happens to score 31, of course. And having all of this happen on Thursday, meaning they won’t be playing on Sunday at all really makes it worse. Of course we’ve seen the writing on the wall this year for some time and have been hoping for losses equaling better draft positions next year, but nobody seems to be listening to us about that. … So if you’re not going to listen to us either, you might as well not listen to us about Isabella Kay. You can just look at the pictures. Call it IK in the UK. [FEATURED TAGS: Isabella Kay, Maverick]

The bella Isabella.

We’re going with the simple collage approach today – well as simple as one can be when populated with Dee and Anais and the video replay of their Cam Show, that is. Actually we’re getting good enough at the approach that we asked D.Minion if this means we can get an advanced “collage” degree. As it turns out, former school teachers could use a better sense of humor, unless a moan is a good thing in literary criticism. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee Video, Anais Video, Exclusive Video]

Dee peering at Anais. Seems reasonable.

Think pristine beaches (like in Jamaica), warm breezes (also like in Jamaica), cold beer (like many places, but Jamaica is good too), beautiful naked women (like Dee, Kristal Summers, Becca, Juli Ashton, Cheyenne Silver, Wendy Divine, and Inari Vachs – in Jamaica) … and some guy taking pictures. … Right! … We think we’re going with Cam Man Too. (Sorry, Mr. Seger.) [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Becca, Dee, Kristal Summers, Cheyenne Silver, Wendy Divine, Inari Vachs, Risque News Insight]

Becca and Playboy TV's Helmetcam (no relation)

So we’re discussing someone who has named herself “Porn Princess Christina” today, and she’s not in the porn business. She doesn’t even intend to be, at least at this point in her young life. Still she’s a big porn fan, has lots of like-minded female friends (who bear a remarkable resemblance to an old friend of ours, actually) and she represents perhaps an updated version of the porn consumer. Of course the “Old Boys and Corporations” that primarily run this business probably won’t notice, but maybe some day they’ll become members too, and then they’ll know everything y’all do. One should always keep hoping after all, if nothing else for Divine inspiration like we have today too (from Wendy). [FEATURED TAGS: Wendy Divine Video, Porn Princess Christina, Exclusive Video]

Ah, Youth. They should waste it with us, at least the ones that look like this should.

Oh, Goodie! … (Don’t you just love experiences that start with this exclamation?) … Well today’s experiences features an honest to goodness solo scene from Suzie Best – (finally) provided by Maverick. Such was the giving mood over in the U.K. that Mav even remembered Dear Reader Carol, who still can’t manage that whole video over the web thing. … Maybe we should all get together and chip in to get Carol broadband for the coming year. … NAW. What if some other potential good deed comes up and we’ve already wasted ours for the year? That would suck. [FEATURED TAGS: Suzie Best Video, Exclusive Video, Maverick]

Suzie. Smiling even after working for Maverick. Gotta be the holiday season.