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… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


If you’ve been around here awhile, you know that we generally do an ostensibly festive, and usually frivolous post for Christmas Day. And that’s what we started to do again this year. … Then, well, everybody got to talking and things changed. …Consequently we still have a holiday theme here, but we ended up with more of a serious discussion (which you can feel perfectly free to skip, also as usual). Bottom line, we decided to wait a couple days to deliver you package this year, but even if you skip all the words in the Members’ Area, you can see why Taren Steele and Vicca made for a perfect present: SILVER BELLES. [FEATURED TAGS: Taren Steele Video, Vicca Video, Exclusive Video]

We intentionally didn't mention roasting nuts. We're kind that way.

Robert Parker (through one of his characters) says, “Love is an amalgam of pathology, rationalization, and fantasy.” … Not bad for a guy usually relying on repartee for his insight. Now presumably at least some of these factors were present as Maverick attended a holiday party for the U.K. Adult Biz. They do seem to know how to throw a party, even if “love” might be stretching it a bit. For his part, Mav remained dedicated to his cause. If you check out the post on 247AdultStars, you’ll understand why. [FEATURED TAGS:, Tanya Cox]

Now THAT'S some festive attire.

As you’re well aware, the holiday season has arrived again, and in our determined effort not to miss our present from Dee, we’re showing her how well we remember our promise to complete her KSEX section sometime in this lifetime. It works well, actually, since we’ve sort of hit you lately with some rather lengthy and potentially thought-provoking work, and, besides, the NFL season is almost over, and there happen to be some wonderful games to watch today. For our part, we plan on thinking about living a long time during the commercial breaks, because Dee has a big section to complete here. [FEATURED TAGS: KSEX RADIO, Dee, Kylie Ireland, D.Minion]

Dee Adorning the Season

It. … Is. … Alive. … And apparently it is now OK to tell you about it more openly. Of course that could always change later, considering the subject matter here, but at least we had permission for a little bit. Without going on rather longer than we need to, as perhaps happened in today’s on the set piece, let’s just say that we have another historic reference of “Let There Be Light.” [FEATURED TAGS: Karlie Montana, Jana Jordan, Jana Cova, Michael Ninn]

Karlie Montana looking over at Jana's Squared (Jordan and Cova) actually.

You could probably guess that we’re big fans of the “Behind-The-Scenes” bits around here, but when we get to go BTS over in England, we really enjoy it. Mav lets us in on some insights via Isabella Kay today, and naked interviews just seem to brighten up a day, don’t they? Also, we get to use one of our favorite sayings with our good buddy across the pond: “Y’all shore do talk funny.” [FEATURED TAGS:, Isabella Kay Video, Exclusive Video]

Isabella's Definitely “K” With Us

So we were talking about Sophia Lynn’s story (again, as we seem to be some of the very few groups that seem to like and understand her), and how many of the women that leave the business seem to end up in one Church or another. The discussion took on a keener interest when Bijou noted that for all the times people find it necessary to “find” Him, He sure seems to get lost a lot – particularly for a Deity, after all. A few hours later we somehow ended up on the legal/moral/philosophical conundrums that the potential for actual human cloning represents. … Such is the life in a day of risqué. And people think we just hang around with beautiful naked and sexually adventurous women all day …. OK. We do, but there are other parts too, albeit possibly not as attention-grabbing. Depending on where your attentions lie this week, then, you can either enjoy Sophia in nude glory, or you can read our unique angle on some of the “Whys and Therefores” – THEN enjoy Sophia in her nude glory. Thinking is good in and of itself, but don’t get silly about the whole thing after all. [FEATURED TAGS: Sophia Lynn, Kylie Ireland]

Sweet, Sexy, Slightly Psychotic Sophia

You know how over here in civilization we use acronyms to serve as catchy and short ways to remember complicated titles? Did you also know that America may be unique in that approach? Maverick shows off Cate Harrington today, who just won the “BGAFD Award” over in England. And what does that stand for? Why “Female Performer of the Year” of course. … Did you ever just feel like blinking like Tweety Bird? If you want another lesson in UK English, you can think about how even strange French words like maneuver take on an even more confusing manoeuver in the Queen’s Land. All in all, Cate provides a much more entertaining lesson, though. [FEATURED TAGS:, Cate Harrington]

Anyone else thinking “Kiss Me Cate” ?

A “regular” Kristal Summers Cam Show replay works as a dandy motivator all by itself. But when Dee decides to direct the deeds, distinct decadence descends. Have you ever noticed that we have a darned difficult time describing Dee’s dallyings without alliteration? Beautiful women are a bad influence. We learn that today too. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers Video, Dee Video, Exclusive Video, D.Minion]

Kristal, Buttering Up