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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

1/30/18 Lexi Lamour, Julia Ann, Francesca Le


Davenport Divas | pics & vid

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1/15/18 Victoria Lawson and Justin Magnum

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Geekettes | videos

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1/13/18 Chantelle and ShaylaAs we approach the annual convention season, we suddenly realized that with XBIZ and AVN now sort of hitting different audiences, unfortunately in sequence, attendance pulls us away from the comfort of a wall of computer monitors to the distinctly uncomfortable world of real people — with all the noise and germs that implies. Still, many of the people at the end of this basically two-week trek do happen to be quite winsome, so we do have that to look forward to after meeting with all the geeks for many, many days beforehand. You know all those hot, trendy, compelling, and wildly attractive geeks you see on TV and in the movies? Yeah … they don’t really exist. We will endeavor to keep you entertained in our brief absence, however, and we do tend to return with some remarkable things upon occasion. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Chantelle Fox Exclusive Video]
1/13/18 Chantelle Fox


Tubbing One Out

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1/12/18 Chantelle Fox and Shayla LaVeaux


Bathing Booty | pics

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1/11/18 Beth Bennett


Beth, We Hear Her Calling

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1/7/18 Britney Amber


Sunny Lane – Claudia Valentine – Joclyn Stone – Alix Lovell – Lucky Starr – Britney Amber

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1/6/18 Teanna, Kylie, and MoniqueWithout fantasies, life would be pretty dull — and the population would likely die out in very short order, but that would be a much deeper topic than we approach today, honestly. Rather, we consider this time around the time-honored filmmaking tool the fade to black. Very useful, this technique as it can imply everything from “time has now passed” … to “you should think about what just happened” … to “ignore all that first stuff because now you get to watch Monique Alexander, Kylie Wylde, and Teanna Kai have sex.” OK. So that last one doesn’t get used all that often, but when it does, we pay attention. And we share. [STAR TAGS: Monique Alexander Video, Kylie Wylde Video, Teanna Kai Video]
1/5/18 Becca's BehindWe’ll admit that sometimes it feels like authors release a “Second Edition” of a book simply to dupe previous buyers into giving them more money for very nearly the same thing. Times and knowledge do change over time, though, and in these situations updates become necessary and valuable. Of course we would never presume to offer a chapter from the “Text Book of Julia Ann” as required course material at an institute for higher education. We will opine, however, that should this happen, that particular course will fill up very quickly. [STAR TAGS: Becca Video, Juli Ashton, Julia Ann]
1/3/18 Hannah Harper - Keeani Lei  - Kelly Wells - Lorelei LeeThis time of year always brings a happy relaxation from the holiday breaks and what feels like an inherent optimism as we face a new year. It also brings no small amount of irritation as the do get to go to the convention people mercilessly tease the do not get to go to the convention people. Those of us left behind can never really believe all the stories we hear about the — call it atypical — behavior of a typical day, but they do return with pictures, which admittedly provides a fairly strong evidentiary basis for their arguments. Of course that just makes it even more annoying. [STAR TAGS: Hannah Harper, Keeani Lei, Kelly Wells, Lorelei Lee] 
1/1/18 Lily Cade and Maci Winslett

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Teen Lesbian Fantasies | videos

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