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7/29/13 We move through Feeling Strong to Stone Cold Sexy today, although technically that would be with Shayla LaVeaux and Kristal Summers respectively. The code geeks here tend to move through Skittles and ice cream to beer and tequila, a practice which tends to relegate those other two conditions to mere fantasy. But what’s life without a good fantasy anyway? [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers Video, Shayla LaVeaux Video]
Rock Hard Sex with Kristal
7/26/13 When it’s all said and done, well, you can’t really do anything about it anymore, so it seems pretty silly to worry about it. … Of course since we happen to be talking about the risque commune web sites, technically we could go back and change things, but we’ve always been of the forward-thinking – as compared to dwell on the past – sorts of folks. All in all, it’s a good thing we’re linking to Cytherea today, otherwise all we’d be left with is “What the hell were we thinking?” when we look back on this. See why we never look back? [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers, Shayla LaVeaux, Cytherea Video]
Shayla wondering, "What the hell were they thinking?"
7/24/13 Probably due in no small part to a Big Bang Theory rerun, we decided we should all learn to speak Mandarin. After only about 30 minutes with Rosetta, however, we concluded that Chinese is hard, and so happily decided to forget about it and keep enjoying the little oranges instead. Other cultures do play a greater role this time around, however, as we consider the plight of the British Geek and fully understand how Cheyenne Silver could easily cause eventual Madness. [STAR TAGS: Dee, Cheyenne Silver Video, Chantelle Fox Exclusive Video, 247AdultStars.com]
Chantelle Fox — British Villain, of Sorts
7/20/13 Katie Morgan loves dogs a lot. And because saner minds prevailed that prevented D.Minion from penning today’s article, this will be the last time you hear about that particular fact about Katie Morgan. We do get into some rather more interesting bits of Ms. Morgan, although truthfully not nearly as interesting as the ones Scott Nails gets into in the “media” accompanying our fascinating prose. Some people say those visual aids constitute by far the most interesting part of the post, as a matter of fact. We can’t see how that could be true. [STAR TAGS: Katie Morgan Video]
Penis Interrupt Us
7/16/13 What better way to beat the summer heat than to sit around and read wonderfully clever novels by Christopher Moore, you may ask? OK, so you may not have ever asked that, but since we have no authors at risqué with near the talent demonstrated by “real” writers, we really cannot do much better than refer folks to wildly entertaining works of literature penned by others (very likely without the use of a single pen these days). On the other hand, we can illustrate with Shayla LaVeaux masturbating. Let’s see Mr. Moore try and top that with his “heinous fuckery” run rampant. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers, Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video]
Shayla as Venus de Milo — with Arms
7/12/13 We read recently that they used to canonize saints in the lesser civilized countries by shooting them out of actual canons. Granted, we read that in a Christopher Moore book, and we maybe should not list history among his marvelous strengths, truth be told. He did begin his literary journey with the sad story of a vampire that could not get her car out of impound because they were only open during the day time, after all. While no one here possesses anything close to the writing skills of Mr. Moore, though, we do now have our own Dedicated Deity at a Risqué Business. All things considered, that sounds even better than a whopping book advance. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers, Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Cytherea Exclusive Video]
Kristal Summers and Shayla LaVeaux
7/9/13 A lot of adult web sites probably do not make adequate use of The Battle Hymn of the Republic when the opportunity presents itself. We, however, can reign irreverent on a spectacular scale, for whatever that’s worth. True, Katie Morgan lounging poolside might be decidedly more typical fare for sites such as ours, but, seriously, how many of us ever tried to do “fair” in something. If you have to miss the mark (or in this case Scott), at least fail spectacularly. … Besides, maybe we win. It’s probably all going to come down to the Russian judge. It always seems to. [STAR TAGS: Katie Morgan]
Foreshadowing in the Sun
7/6/13 You probably do not need to actually have moved a moderately-sized computer office in order to know that doing so really sucks. OK, so all moving really sucks, but moving a whole bunch of computers and peripherals really, really sucks. We were not all that surprised at the eight boxes D.Minion labeled “Random Cables,” but the ELEVEN BOXES that carried the identifier of “Last Minute” astounded even those of us that have known her for over a decade. Fortunately Shayla teases eno and Maverick enough today that we forgot all about the DM quirks … until we went to unpack the boxes, of course. Fortunately, you get the Shayla part without the unpacking part. It’s good to be a member. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video]
A Fantasy Pillow Top Mattress
7/4/13 What can you do with an entry entitled “Patriotic Pudenda” after all? … Well, you might just decided that you should be able to work in an examination (as it were) of the subject matter — even with all the busy bar-b-que and beer you need to take care of. You could peruse the points of interest before the local fireworks show tonight, or you could wait until after the display and enjoy at your leisure. We do not need any photos of that leisure part, however; we get the picture. [STAR TAGS: Debi Diamond Video]
A Veritable Leap for Joy
7/1/13 It seems mean to welcome in a nationwide heat wave with images and other visual depictions that could result in making the audience even hotter. Of course, given the nature of this site, that is sort of what we do, so maybe we should all just enjoy Chasey Lain, wonder yet again at Maverick, and blame the weather on Willard Scott. Heck, that’s been working for a long, long time. Of course calling this entry “Lain and Able” means we’ll have to blame someone else for the author. That’s what his parents have been doing for years, though, so no need to worry. [STAR TAGS: Chasey Lain Video, Brittany O’Connell Video]
Lain and Able