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… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


We don’t have much time, but we do have a bunch of surprise pictures. Could be worse …  [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Inari Vachs, Kristal Summers]

Overlooking (with) Juli Ashton

In celebration of the expanding Kristal Summers site, we hit upon a subtle watermark so that folks might remember just where to find her. Then we set about searching for an excuse to show everyone more naked pictures of Kristal. We sought romantic inspiraiton. We thought about The Things We do for Love, and on this set Kristal Summers shows just how far she’s willing to go for her “art.” Consider Evan Stone, for example, as he seems to enjoy his role in Kristal’s fantasies. D.Minion certainly enjoys hers, and she has pictures to prove it. Let’s call it … Coming to a bookstore near you.  [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, D.Minion]

Kristal shopping comfortably.

D.Minion’s back with yet another off the set sneak peek at Juli Ashton and the Night Calls gang. If you love the show, and you want to read about the characters, this would be a fine place to begin your exploration. If you’ve never seen the show, or couldn’t care less about it, consider this a fine opportunity to see Juli naked. [FEATURED TAGS: Night Calls, Juli Ashton, Tiffany Granath, D.Minion]

Juli Ashton says, “Hi.”

We couldn’t quite leave the gorgeous outdoor shoot with Inari & Jason McCain. Deb returns for one last interview (at least for this particular porno shoot) and more pictures of sex between the two stars. Let’s return to the scene just as Jason screams, “I am naked man!”  [FEATURED TAGS: Inari Vachs]

Inari kneels between Jason's legs... what's she doing?

It’s Deb’s version of “Wild Kingdom” as “Inari Goes au Naturale.” There’s desolation, heat, dirt, oh, and cowgirl sex, giggling blowjobs and “pussy-biting” snakes. Marlon Perkins never had it this good, and neither have our members. We want to go camping with Inari.  [FEATURED TAGS: Inari Vachs]

Naked Inari Vachs. OK with us.

D.Minion’s at it again. This time she dallies with Dee, not Devinn, (She really needs to get herself some new consonants.) on yet another porn set. Video Team put together this shoot, and Dee decided to drag along our Diminutive One to teach her some “Ghetto.” It gets pretty existential relatively quickly, so you might just consider jumping to the incredibly sexy pictures of Lil’ Miss Dee. If you’re brave, read all about (Dee) Slice o’ Heaven and form your own opinions of “Lil’ Yehaw.” Yippee Kay-Yay, motherfucker. Ride ’em Cowgirl … [FEATURED TAGS: Dee]

Dee-liciously Dee

You know, after thinking about this really carefully, we’re pretty sure D.Minion should actually be paying to work here. Once again she gets to traipse about Los Angeles and watch beautiful women have sex. What’s wrong with this picture? Well, nothing if you ask her. Check out her latest entry about Inari Vachs and Devinn Lane in Wicked Pictures’ Love Shack. Isn’t that the little ol’ place where people get together? [FEATURED TAGS: Devinn Lane, Inari Vachs, Serenity]

Oh, butt Inari.
Big News!
Adult Diary is having a party in Las Vegas
at the Internext Expo on June 27th, 2001, and
You WERE invited. We’re full up this year. Sorry!

Some of the most interesting people we meet are met coincidentally. Deb’s diary entry, “Onika Fox Loves Jason McCain” , is another example. Deb was driving Inari Vachs to a shoot north of LA in a beautiful outdoor setting. When they arrived, Deb met Onika and quickly decided to interview her. Another wonderful slice of porno life from Deb! [FEATURED TAGS: Inari Vachs, Onika Fox]

Jason, Onika and Inari

Deb claims to have been hard at work during her recent disappearance. I’m not sure whether I believe her, but the pictures of Dee are really nice!! So, in keeping with her rather cryptic diary entry titles, Deb brings us “Zapata on Pornography.”  [FEATURED TAGS: Dee]

Ah-h-h-h the lovely Dee!

Risque News has blasted into orbit this past week as D.Minion dropped off THREE stories of her, appropriately enough, “Fabled” life. You can read about her “Passport to Kristal.” You can check her insights into the Porn Chic at the “XRCO Awards Show.” You can even be a voyeur at “Devinn Lane’s First Internet Chat from Home!” We’re speechless, which turns out to be a good thing: Somebody around here should be. We mentioned naked pictures, right? [FEATURED TAGS: XRCO Awards, Kristal Summers, Wendy Divine, Inari Vachs, Devinn Lane, Keri Windsor, Stephanie Swift, Chloe, Tiffany Mason, D.Minion]

Wendy Divine waits for fun.    Kristal Summers relaxes.    Devinn Lane with lamp. Cool.

Wonders have officially not ceased, as D.Minion pops in with another behind the scenes report from the set of Juli Ashton’s Night Calls. Playboy TV viewers have it good, but our members have it better, as they get to see and read about “The Method in the Madness.” Check this out too! [FEATURED TAGS: Night Calls, Juli Ashton, Tiffany Granath, D.Minion]

Juli and a dummy.

What do you know? After years of begging, pleading, cajoling, and amidst guilt trips, incentive programs, and attempted bribes, the esteemed Ms. Ashton has FINALLY agreed to let us send someone down to cover the goings on at Night Calls. Sheesh, you’d think everyone has had a show on television in the midst of its sixth season! What Juli has heretofore considered “nothing special,” we find fascinating. Actually, it would help us a great deal if you found it so too. There’s very little worse than finally convincing someone that something is a great idea, and then have nobody notice. Please notice. Lie to us if you need to; we’re fine with that. Just check out Night Calls: April 18th, 2001. [FEATURED TAGS: Night Calls, Juli Ashton, Tiffany Granath, Devinn Lane, Dee, Inari Vachs, Holly Hollywood, D.Minion]

Juli Ashton and Tiffany Granath