Contract Stars for a Risque Business

Contract Stars

We’re All Just Cattle

by Farm Boy

Whenever we’re looking at our current life — and probably then looking at getting into a new situation — we all have a tendency to think that the “Grass is Greener” on the other side of the fence. Blind pursuit of this grass, however, may wind you up into a bit of trouble.

Perils olf the Contract Stars

When this happens, happily, folks seem to come along and quite benevolently offer to help you extricate yourself from your new-found dilemma. They are kind. They are selfless. They are your friend. … It’s good to find new friends.

Perils olf the Contract Stars

Now not to bring too much cynicism into an obviously heartwarming scenario, but you should probably at least consider the possibility that these new friends may not really there to “help” you.

Perils olf the Contract Stars

Life gives us lessons of all kinds. We would do well to remember that.

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