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by ChickaDee-Lighted

D.Minion has an odd [or refreshing, as we elders think of it] way of looking at the world. Strange conversations make up the norm around here as you might imagine, but even within that unusual world, sometimes we even confuse ourselves.

We always miss Dee a lot at the holidays because she loves the time of year and has an infectious way about her with any mood. [Yeah, they should see her when she’s horny. You need a lot of sugar handy, and lube … and towels … you need plenty of those too.] Sadly, she has this bizarre feeling that she should be spending the time with family instead of with all of the slavishly devoted down here, so we tend to get left with stories rather than the actual lovely lady. D.Minion tends to take advantage of that too, which hardly seems in the holiday spirit, if you think about it. [It sort of depends upon the holiday, but it would be a mistake to presume that DM always celebrates the same thing as every other person on the planet at the same time.]

Dee at homeDee at homeDee at homeDee at homeDee at home

This year we got to lamenting that most of us never got a chance to live close to Dee, and wondering about all the sexual escapades that must have happened there, when Ms. Minion chimed in. She must have talked about all the wild sex that went on there for five minutes before we realized that she was talking about movies shot at Dee’s house, which certainly qualifies in the conversation but was not really our point. [Well, “the point” hardly ever turns out to be precisely that with DM. That would be part of the refreshing part.]

It turns out that Dee lived on the same street as Jill Kelly, Audrey Hollander, and Anais Nin too. [Wrong Anais. Wrong “Nin” there Gibby.]

Even More Risque:  Reagan Conner (No relation to Sarah.)

Naturally that led to DM looking for pictures she took at Dee’s house along with videos from one of the shows that we probably couldn’t show at the time of the first report, but now we can. [We may not often understand DM’s brain, but we have a clear grasp on technology and the pervasiveness of broadband internet access.]

Dee at homeDee at homeDee at homeDee at homeDee at home

To really put a cap on the conversation, as DM began the process of transferring her photos to the edit machines so that we could show them to you today, we learned that this whole time she had been talking about a movie shot “at Dee’s house” that took place months before Dee actually lived there. Also, they actually shot this movie at two different houses, one of which Dee never lived in at all. … So … um … we all just walked away. … [Sometimes that turns out to be the best play. … On the upside, DM happens to be very easy to shop for lately.]

We did promise to put up a “page two” today that brings up to modern standards this story of Dee’s house that wasn’t really Dee’s house, though, because it did appear to be the easiest way to exit gracefully.

Sadly, you must be a ChickaDee Member to see those. Lots of naked people. Potentially sensitive eyes. Y’know…

As you will likely see, we thus have a photograph of a random cat that belongs to no one we actually know — certainly not Dee. We have no idea why it seemed important to show everyone this picture, but we have at least learned not to ask. Also, the scene she gave us while a quite fun 3-way with Brandi Lyons and two eager boys only shows Dee talking a bit at the first — with her clothes on. Why, you may wonder? … Honestly none of us was brave enough to ask.

Even More Risque:  Jana Jordan Bubblegum

[Refreshing isn’t she, our Minion?]

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