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Sexism Sans Sex

Sexism Sans Sex
Time in a Throttle by Crim Joce There could well have been generations in history that did not look back at the one before theirs and think, "What?! Really? … Naw.” There could well have been these generations, but we cannot think of any off hand. Of course students of historical … um … things […]

Porn Years

Monique Alexander, Charlie Laine (cuddling) Penny Flame
[As regular perusers of the free risque “tour” can attest, we will often run articles out here that ran with their more explicit illustration many years ago. Generally something current reminds us of something back then, so we will look up the original piece and pull it out again for free display. To be clear, […]

Mark Stone Memories

Mark Stone on the Rodin Again
Rainy Day Man #12 & 35 the Real Miller Test We always try to do something a little special for Chasey Lain’s birthday, but this year we lost someone who had been a friend for even longer than Chasey. Ironically, nearly every time we spoke with Mark Stone — too few times in recent years, […]
California Prop 60

California Prop 60

A Recipe for Law

Observations by Billiam Wrennen

NO on Prop 60When was the last time you heard of Republicans AND Democrats going on record as being on the same side of an issue? … Heck, you can’t get them to agree if we should call them Republicans and Democrats or Democrats and Republicans. And now they BOTH feel the same way about an upcoming vote? … Well, welcome to California Prop 60 — an idea that almost everybody hates, except the guy getting elected Czar, and yet still sounds like something we should maybe favor.

We learn at an early age to beware of something called a Proposition. We should remember that now.

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