The “Forbitten” Miko Lee

Back to the dining room for the hard core. They were to just go at it for 25 minutes — any positions, anything they liked. Tommy yearned for Velcro pants so he could get naked faster — and the sex began. [Well, this was not exactly true, because I distinctly remember mentioning to Miko that ”Shayla would like” some ice cream for me. Out of kindness to the devoted and enthusiastic Producer, I will not repeat what I distinctly remember Miko replying. … But I did not get any ice cream. … It was very sad.]

I won’t bother with a description since you can look at the photos, but I can say it was amazing! All three participants are seasoned players (to borrow a phrase), and all knew exactly what to do. They also all love sex — as you can tell from the pictures. So they went at it in as many positions and permutations they could in the time allotted. [That’s certainly what I think of when I see Shayla having sex — permutations.]

On Set with Miko LeeOn Set with Miko LeeOn Set with Miko LeeOn Set with Miko LeeOn Set with Miko Lee

At one point, both Shayla and Tommy were leaning and bouncing on the very expensive dining table as Shayla rode Tommy Cowboy. But the owner was watching and definitely enjoyed the show, so they kept going! (They are both professionals. Don’t try this at home!) [Oh, be serious. If Shayla and Raquel come over to my house and are willing, I’m definitely trying this at home. I can get another table.]

On Set with Miko LeeOn Set with Miko LeeOn Set with Miko LeeOn Set with Miko LeeOn Set with Miko Lee

Often, directors will have to feed porn actors and actresses lines, but not so Ms. LaVeaux! Boy can she talk dirty! “This is the BEST,” she extemporized. “A cock in my pussy and a pussy in my face!” Yeah, she was having a blast! [Well, it’s not exactly Shayla’s first rodeo … .]

When it was time for the pop, Tommy blasted his cum onto all four tits! A perfect scene! Hot, sexy, and lots of fun!

Raquel and Shayla still had a quick dialogue scene to accomplish, so they cleaned up, snarfed down their dinners, and got their makeup retouched. [And why didn’t we do the dialogue scene before the makeup all got messed up? … To put it in simple terms, I have no earthly idea.]

Forbitten Secrets

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