Teachers Pet Tori Black — as it were

Back in Tori Black

tori blacktori blacktori black

You see, as one group used this latest ReelRisque “Tori Black as student” scenario as an example of how adult movies continue to perpetrate the male sexual fantasy, a young [and all female, a fact worth noting] group completely disagreed saying that this very same scene spoke not of Alec’s power in the situation, but rather of Tori’s power over him in his position of apparent authority. [If it makes you feel any better, sometimes we talk about what kind of beer to get for the next beach party.]

Therein lies the [pardon the expression] rub. Men do the penetrating generally, sure, but women also enjoy (also generally) being penetrated. One does not become “superior” in a situation simply due to the personal genitals at their disposal.

[Yeah, we had lots of illustrative genital shots here, not really appropriate to this venue. Just picture “parts” in your head. That will work. Granted it likely will not be as pretty as Tori, but you’ll get the gist.]

The upshot of all of this turned out to be that one need be very careful about bringing one’s preconceptions into an analysis of a situation, lest one run the risk of being called “sexist” for terming a specific situation a solely male fantasy. If one does not understand female fantasy, you see, one can hardly hope to have much success with actual, living, females. [See why I prefer to talk about beer?]

So apparently your sexual fantasies — more specifically, your interpretation of sexual fantasies — depend a great deal upon your own preferred sexual activities. Who knew? [Honestly, upon reading this conclusion I became rather sad: If only we had put together a government grant proposal. They pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for people to “deduce” simple things all the time.*]

[More explicit shots removed here, all ironically placing few demands on evolved deduction abilities.]

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