Teachers Pet Tori Black — as it were

Back in Tori Black

Back in Tori BlackMs Takes on Misogyny

by Steina Gloriam

Sexual fantasies tend to be a rather personal topic, even within the walls of the — as you might imagine, generally liberal — walls of the Risqué offices. That said, our office has changed over the years to the point where most of the young women that roam the halls do not in fact take their clothes off and have sex for a living. [Some of them even claim to be heterosexual which the more elderly among us thought to be an extinct species, if we bothered to think about it at all.]

Regardless of age, we do tend toward being a rather thoughtful group, however, so all of us would still qualify as liberal in most settings — save gatherings of the aforementioned adult movie stars, of course. Seriously, what that group will talk about in the middle of a diner could stop the hearts of the timid. [Yeah. You probably wouldn’t want to invite your mother out on one of those culinary adventures, unless you happen to be Sunny Lane, in which case your mom has proven not to fit the typical maternal mold.] As we alluded to at the end of that last risque article [HERE], the typical debate on the “value” of adult material set against the ongoing feminist movement once again reared its (potentially sweaty and dripping) head.

Do adult movies …

  1. Denigrate women, because they continue to be Objects in the sexual act, or …
  2. Empower women, because they continue to be the most highly-paid and sought after personas in the industry — and because women have a right to exhibit and benefit from their own sexuality and bodies?

Let us take a pertinent, and very, very pretty, example featuring Tori Black, adding a whole new dimension to the concept of Teacher’s Pet. [Hey, no sense using ugly examples if you have a choice in the matter.]

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