Sexism Sans Sex

Sexism Sans Sex

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by Crim Joce

There could well have been generations in history that did not look back at the one before theirs and think, "What?! Really? … Naw.

There could well have been these generations, but we cannot think of any off hand. Of course students of historical … um … things could probably tell us, but to be quite honest, we don’t know any of those either. If you want to know about personal grooming technique evolution over the past few decades, well golly we’d be glad to jump right in to the conversation. Beyond that, with the possible exception of advances in breast enhancement technology, we’re pretty much like anyone else when it comes to looking back at “culture” in the past.

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So … um … the short answer would be this: It continues to amaze us what one can find on the Internet.

More to our little circle of existence, preconceived notions can be very dangerous things. Take, for example, a recent facebook post shared by our good friend Cheyenne Silver:

Even More Risque:  Call it Mexicants

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