Dee with Van Styles

Appreciating Van Styles

Photography by Van StylesFishnetting for Compliments

by Absinthe Friends

Despite the social and media — and social media — attention aimed at political correctness, we remain animals with biological imperatives, so, y’know, looks count. We may not like to admit that, and we may face public scorn and humiliation for daring to even speak it, but sometimes, well, the Emperor has no clothes.

Fortunately for us, we’re pretty much fine with the no clothes concept.

Now generally in these sort of conceptually focused sorts of titles we might spend a few moments reflecting on some aspect of the scene that tickled our collective fancy — or libido, whatever. Certainly Alexis Texas and her unconventional approach to the industry and fame in general would be worthy of such pithy ruminations. Never typical in her appearance, save perhaps falling decidedly into the beautiful category, Alexis has always brought an enthusiasm for the performance, along with a joyful amount of self-deprecation, that we have found wonderful over the years. She continues in this fashion here, much to the appreciation of her co-star, clearly.

This time, however, we wanted to do our tiny little bit of a shout-out to Mr. Van Styles, who happened to direct this Azzfest — literally. A wonderful guy, Mr. Styles accomplished a rare feat in the adult industry world: He evolved. We do not need to expound the journey here, even as much as we appreciate it, because you can find it easily online. We have, you see, a rather more simple approach in our public congratulations. We will show you this:

stephen vanesco photography

And then we will share with you this: INSTAGRAM. And we will certainly encourage you to decorate with an attitude HERE. You go, boy! We knew ya when…

In this evolving era of artistic interpretation as it clashes with cultural mores we will make one final comment on “proper” expressions in public, ironically perhaps not being all that proper in the effort. We too, of course, have been discussing political correctness lately which probably makes us part of the problem, we admit. That said, our discussions have the benefit of illustrations featuring Alexis Texas in fishnet attire, so we win. As locations go, “deep in the heart” of this extraordinary woman seems like a fine place to be. Does anyone know if she likes fish tacos and icy Corona off the Pismo Pier? We can do that.

Even More Risque:  Lexi Perplexi

We can also do the following, which could do with explanation perhaps, but the people that need to already understand it.


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