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March 2023 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

3/31/23 Dee


Dee Labors of Love-ish

[STAR TAGS: Dee Video, Anais, Angel Cassidy, Katsumi, Katsuni, Amber Ashlee]

3/29/23 Samantha Bentley


A Camshow. A Solo. A Shower. Nice Day.

[STAR TAGS: Samantha Bentley Exclusive Video, Natalia Forrest Exclusive Video,]

3/27/23 Cy Toes


Flooding of a Benevolent Variety

[STAR TAGS: Cytherea Video, Sindy Lange Video, Annie Cruz Video, Missy Monroe Video, Angela Stone Video]

3/26/23 Shayla LaVeaux & Jenna Haze


Mo’ Muse is Good Muse

[STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video, Dee, Jenna Haze Video, Michael Ninn]

3/25/23 Carmel MooreGazing into a lover’s face at that precise moment of, um, that peak of sexual release can be one of the most intimate and fascinating things we share as humans. Or it can be hilarious, or truly frightening. It really depends upon the person. You know how some people cry beautifully, how with tears and sadness streaming down their faces they still look pretty. And you know how annoying that can be to the rest of us mere mortals? Well imagine a Glamourgasm and you will probably see where we are going with this. [STAR TAGS: Jennifer Dark Video, Sarah Vandella Video, Alexis Texas Video, Carmel Moore Video, Audrianna Angel Video, Stacey Saran Video]

3/24/23 Gibby and ShaylaA seemingly innocent little term like “artistic” can mean a great many different things from, “gosh what an aptitude for art your dear little toddler shows,” to “you cannot put me in jail because I am exercising my Free Speech rights granted to me under Article 1 of the United States Constitution.” … It mostly means something between those two extremes, though, and seeing as how we eschew toddlers (along with everyone under 18 years of age) in our members’ area and we have exactly zero intention of risking incarceration simply to prove a theoretical point. We have limits to our capriciousness, you see, a fact that will become more clear — and substantially funnier — once you’re inside. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Olivia Parrish, Caprice Video]

3/22/23 Ginger, Amber ... on Tom


Ringing in the Lynns

[STAR TAGS: Ginger Lynn Video, Amber Lynn Video]

3/21/23 Rosa Brighid


A Rosa by Any Other Name…

[STAR TAGS: Rosa Brighid Exclusive Video,]

3/20/23 Evan Stone PondersBut few ways exist to increase one’s skill level in any particular task, but just sitting around and thinking about doesn’t make that list. (Well, unless “just sitting around thinking about stuff” happens to be the skill you would like to hone, of course.) Most of the time, though, it all comes down to one simple method: Practice. Granted the muscles developing memory in our event today would not be the ones most of us exercise in our pursuit of expertise, but the principle remains the same. Beside, figuring out Android nature in Babe Runners certainly sounds like a lot more fun than the boring routine of asking questions as in the underlying subject film of this homage. If you cannot make it better, at least make it more enjoyable. That seems like a good rule. [STAR TAGS: Phoenix Marie Video, Dylan Ryder Video]

3/18/23 Cate Harrington


Getting Clean with Cate

[STAR TAGS: Cate Harrington Exclusive Video,]

3/17/23 Shayla LaVeauxWhile most of us search for green underwear to at least technically comply with “rules” for today — unless we’re in that niche of folks that actually like being pinched, of course — some enterprising leaders on the Shayla LaVeaux team have chosen this day to finish all of Shayla’s Volume Three remaster with a post celebrating St. Patrick’s Day from years past. Despite a curious Kermit the Frog reference, we at the Risqué home office applaud their timing (and their restraint in holding this for a few months). Of course we applaud Shayla herself a lot more, because we’re not idiots. Intellectual acumen only goes so far in comparison with dazzling … personality. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video]
3/15/23 Jenna Haze


Birth Anniversary 4mrNinn (He would love that spelling.)

[STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video, Jenna Haze Video, Michael Ninn]

3/14/23 Ginger Lynn


Excellent, As Projects Go

[STAR TAGS: Ginger Lynn Video]

3/13/23 Anna Joy


Giving Thanks Early

[STAR TAGS: Anna Joy Exclusive Video,]

3/12/23 Laura LoveIt comes as no surprise that we all get better at things by dedicating more and more practice to the task. Well, that may not apply to napping, because some of us have been experts at napping pretty much our whole lives, but as a general principle it holds. In fact, this may be one of the strongest arguments in favor of long-term monogamy (oddly enough, considering us a source). So we have a thought for folks today with All Other Hands (pics & vid) — although honestly the duration of your relationship does not matter in this case. Try this approach with your love du jour and see what happens? … “Yo, dear! Instead of driving all the way over to the gym and dealing with all the hassle and people just to run in place, what say we just stay here and practice using our hands on each other in order to get in our cardio?” … Hey, you might be surprised at the response. [STAR TAGS: Laura Love Video]
3/11/23 Ginger, Lois, Stacey, Jerry


Tropical Pink

[STAR TAGS: Ginger Lynn Video, Stacey Donovan Video, Lois Ayers Video]

3/10/23 Juli Ashton


For the Love of Honey

[STAR TAGS: Juli Ashton Video, Dee Video, Shayla LaVeaux]

3/9/23 Shayla LaVeaux


Bedroom Antics Restored

[STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video,]

3/7/23 Alia Janine and Cytherea


Climb the Lady Ladder

[STAR TAGS: Cytherea Video, Alia Janine Video]

3/6/23 Kenzie GreenIf we could all afford it, none of us would ever do anything that did not qualify as fun. You know the old saying, “If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Of course truly enjoying what you do probably comes down to a more basic question. If you woke up rich tomorrow, would you keep doing what you were doing today? … Well, for the blessed among us, that answer would be a simple, “Yes!” … From that narrow perspective, probably a lot fewer of us would fall into the enjoy category, but Kenzie Green seemingly would as she closes out our Amateur Auditions movie coverage. Most of us would fall into that category too, oddly enough. [STAR TAGS: Kenzie Green Video]
3/5/23 Missy Vega


All Hands on D*ck (not Deck) pics | vid

[STAR TAGS: Missy Vega Video]

3/4/23 Shayla LaVeaux


Cocoa Comes in Many Shades

[STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video, Kylie Ireland, Jill Kelly, Rayveness, Michael Ninn]

3/2/23 Isabella KayIn general we try to let the Risqué Commune sister sites do their own descriptions, based on the theory that they would know best how to present their updates. When we had to (gently) correct the difference between a “triptych” and a “trifecta” we decided to step in, though. Technically you get a Party, Isabella Kay, and Cate Harrington from 247AdultStars remastered today, but our real point comes from a more general observation regarding British English. How much energy do you think we could save if they would only stop using all those extra vowels? Think of all the ink saved across the entire U.K. (at least). Imagine taking a step to save the world, one little “U” at a time. [STAR TAGS: Isabella Kay Exclusive Video,]
3/1/23 Ryder Skye


The Boob Job Professional

[STAR TAGS: Ryder Skye Video]

August 2020 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

8/28/20 Kaia KaneLay out the actual truth of modern society today. Outline in just the most general terms how our elected leaders are acting in their supposed roles of protectors of citizenry. Then hand the notes to any publisher, movie or television producer, or even the head content creator for a major podcast or YouTube presence. You will certainly hear some variation of the exact same theme: “Look, you have to give us something at least believable to work with, even in fiction. You cannot have every single character be completely without redeeming qualities, or no one will ever want to read — or watch — this show.’ So we decided to take some time off for a porn adaptation of Shakespeare. At least those were supposed to be tragedies. [STAR TAGS: Kaia Kane Video]
8/26/20 Mandy BrightEveryone wants to believe in a bright future — no matter what the current Presidential campaign may want you to believe. Yet imagine if you could envision a Mandy Bright Future with even a small amount of reality attached. Well, as it turns out, one of us here has a personal knowledge of that experience that the rest of us can only dream about. Oddly enough, we still talk to him too. He might want to wait a few weeks before asking any of us to deliver food to him or something, though. We do not begrudge people their memories. Constant recitation can be rather annoying, however. [STAR TAGS: Mandy Bright Video]
8/23/20 Aleksa Nicole


Ashlyn Molloy – Samantha Ryan – Sasha Heart – Raylene – Aleksa Nicole – Misty Stone

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

8/22/20 Jennifer White

Risqué “TOC”

Busty Secretaries | vids

[STAR TAGS: Jasmen Lopez Video, Jennifer White Video, Miley Ann Video, Vicoria White Video]


8/19/20 So if you die and go to Heaven these days, do you think you have to go through curbside pickup? … As our world continues to demonstrate its decidedly different societal evolution, we also discovered what perhaps represents a change in some conventional wisdom from the last century. It turns out that some men DO make passes at girls who wear glasses. While we do not traditionally introduce gallery updates around Risqué, those seemed important thoughts to share, and sharing still qualifies as good — as far as we know. Who can tell how to define that these days, though? [STAR TAGS: Victoria White]
8/17/20 Mia GoldIf you want something done right … keep bitching and bitching until whomever bears responsibility for that task finally figures it out. Otherwise it will magically become your job without any actions or outside influence at all. You will awaken one fine Monday morning to a really fun voice mail from the boss saying, “Hey! You forgot to do such-and-such.” When you reply calmly and with admirable decorum that such-and-such does not happen to be in your job description, you might just hear, “Well, you fixed it last time. Fix it again.” At this point we advise switching immediately to a quadruple shot Caramel Macchiato, which may enable you to finish the day — you know, while you fix such-and-such. [STAR TAGS: Mia Gold] 
8/15/20 Mia Gold


Spring “Brake” | vid

[STAR TAGS: Mia Gold Video]

8/12/20 Brittany NoelHave you ever known anyone that had actual names for different “personal” body parts? Now probably some deep psychological reason exists for that, some subconscious desire to distance themselves from those pleasure sensations that might mean they actually enjoy sex instead of feeling guilty about it — y’know, like good people are supposed to do. Probably hundreds of happy little psychologists have written dissertations on the topic. Of course probably that would be insanely boring to research too. On a much more simplistic plain today, we merely theorize that changing your name for a second to Brittany Noel won’t fool anyone if you don’t camouflage your boobs somehow. Different names will not help there, by the way. [STAR TAGS: Rayveness Video]
8/11/20 Miley Ann


Tight Negotiation | pics

[STAR TAGS: Miley Ann]

8/8/20 Kristina Rose

Risqué “TOC”

Azzfest 6 | pics & vids

[STAR TAGS: Alexis Texas Video, Brianna Love Video, Dana DeArmond Video, Jenny Hendrix Video, Kristina Rose Video]

8/6/20 Paige AshleyPeople more reverent, respectful, and benevolent might have spent today in a much different fashion. They probably volunteered for the less fortunate, fed the poor, saved some dogs and cats, maybe even helped a little old lady across the street. As they return home this evening to finally enjoy the finale of a Paige Ashley-led version of Play Misty for Me, they will sit down with a sense of accomplishment and peace, perhaps even a nice civilized beer. While the rest of us might indeed go the beer route, we spend the bulk of the responding to every situation of any level of severity with the simple, empathetic, and poignant, “It is what it is.” [STAR TAGS: Paige Ashley Video]
8/2/20 Amber Lynn


Aubrey Addams – Nina Hartley – Amber Lynn – Dillion Harper – Erica Lauren – Alana Evans

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

8/1/20 Stracy


Frozen & Unfrozen | vid

[STAR TAGS: Stracy Video]

August 2019 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

8/31/19 Mindy Main & Cassie Young


Velour & Vagina | pics & vid

[STAR TAGS: Cassie Young Video, Mindy Main Video]

8/30/19 Blake Eden

Risqué ’TOC”

Ninn Technique, vol. 1

[STAR TAGS: Blake Eden Video, Tali Dova Video, Jennifer White Video, Michael Ninn]

8/25/19 Nina Elle


Jessica Ryan – Roxy Jezel – Christiana Cinn – Joslyn James – Ashlyn Molloy – Priya Rai

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

8/24/19 Michelle Thorne


Impressive Woodwork | pics

[STAR TAGS: Michelle Thorne]

8/22/19 Natasha Marley, Celeste Star, Alexis TexasHave you ever been shopping with a porn star? Or better yet, a group of porn stars? … Well, some of us in this office have done that literally hundreds of times, and yet not once has the outfit selection turned into a lesbian orgy. … Sometimes life can be extremely unfair. Have you noticed? Perhaps the Bonny and Clide Outlaw Life does have something to say for itself. They should probably avoid that last car ride, but that part of the story still lies down the road — as it were. [STAR TAGS: Celeste Star Video, Alexis Texas Video, Natasha Marley Video]
8/20/19 Cindy Behr


Workout Motivation | pics

[STAR TAGS: Cindy Behr]

8/17/19 Shayla LaVeaux and T.J. CummingsHere, Kitty-Kitty … Hang around long enough in this business, and you can evolve all the way from Sex Kitten to Cougar. Aside from the times you step back and realize that fact, though, it can be a fairly empowering — and most definitely fun — feeling. Honestly being able to pick and choose your partners without worrying about emotional commitment happens to be one of the most common reasons performers get into the adult industry in the first place. Well, that and always being able to make people go, “Meow!” [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video]
8/16/19 Kayden Kross


Manning the “Stares” | pics & vid

[STAR TAGS: Kayden Kross Video]

8/13/19 Beth Bennet


We Hear Beth Calling

[STAR TAGS: Beth Bennett Exclusive Video,]

8/11/19 Jennifer White and Seth Gamble


If the Screw Fits | pics

[STAR TAGS: Jennifer White, Michael Ninn]

8/10/19 Tori Black


Woody Alien | pics

[STAR TAGS: Tori Black]

8/9/16 Jennifer WhiteWe considered a few options for titles today, Pearls Before Fine being a particular favorite amongst the more Biblically educated — who also say words like “amongst” all the time, curiously. Ultimately, however, we wanted to go with something simple and elegant, a phrase befitting the beauty of Jennifer White and her celebration of empowered femininity. So we went with Fit One. Pearl Too. in the end. As you may have “divined” by now, we do not excel in simple and elegant around here. [STAR TAGS: Jennifer White, Michael Ninn]
8/7/19 Samanatha Ryan and Karlie Montana


Clean and Friendly | pics

[STAR TAGS: Samantha Ryan, Karlie Montana]

8/5/19 AnaisShould you be good friends with a woman who makes adult movies, say, Dee, for example, she might put herself in the perfect position to take some relatively compromising photographs with you. Should you go looking for this photo on today’s adventure you will likely also notice Anais doing what she can to reduce her carbon footprint, saving water by reducing her need to do laundry. Either observation will be worth your while. [STAR TAGS: Anais Video, Dee, Michael Ninn]
8/4/19 Melody Jordan


Adessa Winters – Nina Elle – Melody Jordan – Shayla LaVeaux – Tara Morgan – Cameron Canela

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

8/3/19 Morgan ReignsIf you look very closely at the video part of the feature today, you can find the location of our favorite Mexican food restaurant in the San Fernando Valley. Of course we have Nine Historic Facts and One Suspicious One that could distract you as well. Who doesn’t love Garth Brooks humor, after all? Oh. And then there’s Morgan Reigns. She can be darned distracting too. [STAR TAGS: Morgan Reigns Video]
8/2/19 Jodie James


A Prettier James Gang | pics

[STAR TAGS: Jodie James]