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November 2017 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

11/30/17 Sammie Spades


A Spades Flush | pics

[STAR TAGS: Sammie Spades]

11/26/17 Allison Moore


Sunny Lane – Brooke Lynn Santos – Nina Hartley – Allison Moore – Nikki Charm – Ashley Pink

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

11/25/17 Cytherea


Squirting Friends

[STAR TAGS: Cytherea Video, Tessa Taylor Video, Sasha Heart Video]

11/24/17 Kristal SummersApparently we’re having one of those unanticipated “different departments working with the same star without realizing it” moments again. On the upside, it might be theoretically possible to have too much Kristal Summers, but it’s theoretically possible to eat just one cookie out of the row and then put the package away too. This time, notably, we actually have Kristal’s very first time on camera. Judging from her performance in My First Porno, it was likely not her first time having sex, however. It didn’t even seem like it was her first time having a 3-way, either, truth be told. Might have been the first time with Inari Vachs and Randy Spears, though. Maybe. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers Video, Inari Vachs Video]
11/23/17 Kristal Summers and FanMany excellent ways exist in which one might celebrate a Thanksgiving holiday. For example, we invited a new tech guru from England over for dinner by asking him if he’d like to come over and “y’know, celebrate leaving YOU and all.” We’re also quite certain that Penthouse Pet Sam Phillips has an orgy to attend — which she denies, but that’s what all orgy attendees do, and everybody knows all Pets celebrate that way. … For the rest of us, we have Kristal Summers who will eternally inspire Love Letters, probably even from orgy attendees and people from England. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers Video] 
11/22/17 Briana Blair


Crushing Velvet | pics

[STAR TAGS: Briana Blair]

11/19/17 Shayla LaVeaux


The Jay Crew Cut

[STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video]

11/17/17 Inari VachsDon’t you hate it when the pizza guy shows up at the door, and you suddenly realize that you have no cash at all? Of course these days, he likely has an app on his phone that allows you to simply swipe your credit card across it and pay that way, but not that long ago, this scenario could be a real problem. Oddly enough, when the situation comes up in adult movies, no one seems overly concerned as they simply transition to the obvious Sex for Pepperoni barter system. … For the record, having delivered pizzas for years while in college, at least one of us can tell you unequivocally that this never, ever, happens in real life. Of course Tom Cruise probably never really saved the world either; so there’s that. [STAR TAGS: Wendy Divine Video, Maya Divine Video]
11/15/17 Ashlyn Rae


Clean Desk Benefits | pics

[STAR TAGS: Ashlyn Rae]

11/13/17 Allie Haze


Say It’s Surely So | pics

[STAR TAGS: Allie Haze]

11/12/17 Britney Young


Ava Green – Jacky Joy – Sadie Kennedy – Britney Young – Shay Lynn – Chantelle Fox

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

11/11/17 Asa Akira


Red Leather Lovin’ | video

[STAR TAGS: Asa Akira Video, Dana Vespoli Video]

11/10/17 Asa AkiraHonestly this job can be quite fun. When you have a boss from the planet Wacky — quite possibly the leader of that planet — you really get permission to do almost anything with your updates. Every week a few new folders appear in our individual queues, we do our thing with whatever, and then at the end of the week we all go in search of great Mexican food — or at least tequila. When the week includes Asa Akira, you know it will be a special one too. Now if we could just get Asa to come up and visit with tequila, well, then we might have perfected the system. [STAR TAGS: Asa Akira]
11/6/17 KarinaThere are a significant number of people out there who get their adult movie enjoyment by watching solo women — or indeed solo men, in some cases — work themselves up to, let’s call it a euphoric state. As states go, that tends to be a good one because you never have to worry about fires, or earthquakes, or blizzards, or really any natural disaster hitting you. As you watch Karina continue the Love Letters story, think about that. Even if some disaster did announce itself right then, you really wouldn’t think about it much until your orgasm had subsided.  [STAR TAGS: Angel Cassidy, Karina Kean, Chloe Dior, Alexis Amore, Karina Video]
11/4/17 Kinzie Joe


Tealin’ Groovy | video

[STAR TAGS: Kinzie Joe Video]

11/3/17 Kinzie JoeMany professions revel the newcomer, perhaps professional athletes among the highest. Of course Hollywood does love a new face, and despite all sorts of political correctness promises, it still seems to remain a place where youth rules — at least on camera. So you take the physical abilities (along with the often unnatural strains on the body) and the fake reality movies provide — and you put them all in one person, place, and appropriate thing — and you end up in our world. We even have the benefit of “newcomer” containing a mischievous pun. Whatever the case, Kinzie is not your average Joe. [STAR TAGS: Kinzie Joe]
11/1/17 Chantelle Fox


Wet Behind the Rear’s Chantelle

[STAR TAGS: Chantelle Fox Exclusive Video,]

October 2013 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


One of our telecommuting team members apparently has a tradition in his neighborhood where when the kids say “Trick or Treat” they get candy — while the adults get a shot of some sort, and not the kind that protects you from the flu. Now none of us has ever been to that particular neighborhood, but the kids probably run from house to house because it won’t be too long before mom and dad need to head home because they’re too drunk to walk much more. You’ll have to provide your own shots this evening but we have provided some dandy treats with Cytherea, Kylie Ireland, Syren Sexton, and even Summer Knight. There’s a story in there somewhere, and we will likely tell it. [STAR TAGS: Cytherea, Kylie Ireland Video, Syren Sexton Exclusive Video, Summer Knight Video, Bonnie Rotten, ]

Nice Costume, but She Might Get Chilly

It seems like referencing Harold Hill in an adult web site might be a bit unusual, yet we happily do just that this time around. As you may know, however, we have not historically been all that concerned with “usual” in any of our approaches to life. On the other hand, we also pay tribute to a $1,500 sex toy, which falls closer to the adult members’ site norm. Of course we did title the current article, “Oh, We Got Treble.” So there’s that. To quote our leader in today’s post, “We’re just weird.” [STAR TAGS: Jeska Vardinski Video, Asa Akira Video]

A Clef Highlighting a Cleft

Never one to worry much about her own wardrobe, we were a bit surprised when D.Minion showed up in the office insisting that everyone check out her new shirt. It says, “I have CDO, which is like OCD but in alphabetical order — as it should be.” … Suddenly everything made more sense, a bit like when you discover that a professional model might often make a darned good photographer. We use Dee as an example of this last theory, because overall she might hold more universal interest than D.Minion, even with the funny shirt. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers, Dee Video, Michelle Lay Video]

Dee Peeks at Kristal Summers

Consider the concept of the Practical Homonym, these being words that may not technically “sound the same” but given the actualities of our speech patterns do in fact come across as identical to the ear. For example, Bijou spearheaded a track today which ended up being entitled “Minstrel Machinations,” but when she tried to explain the idea to the rest of us, we heard “Menstrual Machinations.” … Those seem different, really. … Fortunately we’re going with the former of those two concepts, so fear not. And if you think we made up the concept of the practical homonym, we can prove that we did not. Think about it: Country Music would not exist without it. So there. [STAR TAGS: Dee Exclusive Video, Kristal Summers Video, Shayla LaVeaux Video, Wendy Divine, Kylie Ireland Video] 

Merry Risque Minstrels

Name a famous anthropologist. OK. Now name one that never had anything to do with primates. Better yet, name a famous “-ologist” of any kind, not including the fictional ones on television or in books. Fortunately, around here we can illustrate our “-ologies” with all sorts of interesting things, for example Keri Windsor, or even the still happily married Wendy Divine and Eric Masterson. In fact, you can happily pretend you have never learned anything as a member here. Should that turn out to be true, however, and you at some point meet any of us in person, please lie about it. We’re fine with that, so long as you have fun. [STAR TAGS: Wendy Divine, Keri Windsor Video]

Keri Windsor … with a Secret

Everyone needs a friend they can go to with the really tough questions. And this friend should be available for most any emergency, at most any time. Well, not all of us can claim Dee fits into that category for them, but we can happily do so. She does seem a little confused when we call to ask her what kind of yellow mustard to buy or something — as if we’d call just to hear her voice or anything — but as long as she picks up the phone she sounds as adorable as ever. It has been going to voice mail a lot lately, though, so hopefully we won’t have anything other than condiment emergencies for a while. We should probably stop beginning every conversation with, “What are you wearing?” … [STAR TAGS: Dee, Cytherea]

Cytherea Without a Condiment Emergency

When Kristal Summers asks you do do something, you pretty much just agree quickly. When Kristal Summers asks you to do something that involves her being naked, well, you jump right to the task of helping the Selfie Supreme Diva. AND, when Kristal Summers asks you to do something that involves you getting naked with her … well, we honestly have no idea what happens then, because so far Kristal has been lacking in that department, truth be told. Hope springs eternal in Kristal’s breasts, though. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers, Chasey Lain, Anna Joy Exclusive Video,]


Kristal Summers on Herself

Today could have been all about our leader’s brother. Or it could have been all about our editor’s best friend from college, since both of them have birthdays today. On the other hand, Juli Ashton also has a birthday today, and without any empirical evidence to verify the claim, we’re pretty sure Juli looks better naked than either of those two fine gentlemen we mentioned. Even the illustrious Ms. Ashton had a beginning it appears, and D.Minion takes the opportunity to talk about it. Truth be told, D.Minion does not need much of an excuse to talk about Juli; when she has a real reason, it can get crazy. [STAR TAGS: Juli Ashton Video]

Juli Ashton

What do you call words that rhyme, but don’t look like they would? Take ”plaid” and “fad” for example. … Or what do you call words that could rhyme, but may not, depending upon how you pronounce one of them? You know, “lead” could rhyme with “fed” or we could “lead” you to Lake Meade. Fortunately your knowledge of semantic nuance makes absolutely no difference at all today, as you can consider plaid a fad, or not consider it at all. We do have various concurrent contributions from Cytherea, Shayla LaVeaux, Kylie Ireland, Summer Knight, Angela Stone, and a couple of amateur lesbians from Canberra to help as tour guides, by the way. Follow where they lead. Or lead others to where they lead. Or fed. Or whatever. [STAR TAGS: Cytherea, Shayla LaVeaux Video, Kylie Ireland Video, Summer Knight Video, Angela Stone Video, Sarah Blake, Thereza Love, Dani Woodward]

Sarah Blake, Not Wearing Plaid

June 2012 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Maverick fills out his Festive Fridays in June on 247AdultStars today, but sadly he has run out of AEE reports. He filled in this week with the definitively delicious “Natalia” in a “Dreamy” solo sequence. We figured that would be just fine. You can also jump to Cytherea’s “Slut Sniffing” theory from here, in case you missed it over on CythereasWetWorld, just because we’re helpful like that. By the way, D.Minion wanted us to include the fact that Gutenberg first published his Bible in 1455 while we were putting together this New Stuff listing, but we just couldn’t figure out how to do that. So we decided not to. [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea Exclusive Video, Natalia Forrest Exclusive Video, Michelle Maylene,]

MIchelle Maylene

It seems the U.S. Military pulled their “consultancy” support for Hollywood’s blockbuster film, The Avengers, because they had a problem with it being in their opinion “unrealistic.” Apparently the immortal guy with the magic hammer was no problem, nor did the fellow made out of rocks stretch credulity, but the “S.H.I.E.L.D.” group has no system in place for taking advantage of proper military channels or necessary respect for the chain of command. … Yeah, well, we’re not sure if Adam & Eve ever tried to enlist the assistance of actual Texas oil billionaires in the production of Dallas XXX, but D.Minion did not seem to focus on that aspect, at least during Day One of the production. Somehow we do not blame her. [FEATURED TAGS: Alexis Ford, India Summer]

Alexis Ford: Even Cooler than the Black Widow

Strangely enough Maverick has continued his commitment to having “Festive Fridays” this entire month with the conclusion of his Adult Industry Convention coverage today. Along the way, D.Minion passes us through the modern day Veronica Hart, and hopes we might even learn something in our travels. After all, hope does spring eternal in the human breast, and all. Come to think of it, that pretty much applies to porn conventions — well, the breast part at least — not so much the hope in some estimations. [FEATURED TAGS: Veronica Hart, Shayla LaVeaux, Cytherea Exclusive Video, Kristal Summers Exclusive Video, Devinn Lane Exclusive Video, Teagan Presley, Capri Anderson, Lexi Belle, Jynx Maze, Sophie Dee, Phoenix Marie, Kayden Kross, Jessie Jane, Riley Reid, Exclusive Video,]

Toni English and John Stagliano - as you know them.

Celebrating the first full day of summer, we find ourselves having taken some heat of late for being “too early” in our helpful reminders for people. It seems that we have inadvertently hindered the mystery of our sisters in and by being too quick to point out when new posts arrive there, that people can also view here. Naturally we feel awful, and have resolved to mend our evil ways. After all, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the bitchin’ … [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Shayla LaVeaux Video, Juli Ashton Video, Inari Vachs, Rayveness] 


If you have to drive all the way out to the middle of the California desert, doing so in order that you might observe some very large-breasted naked women frolicking around does tend to make the trip less taxing. Of course when Kristal Summers, Summer Cummings, and Goldie (from the U.K., Maverick, so how about that?) decide to “frolic” you really might not know what to expect. Think “butt-stacking,” “hand-waving,” and large inflatable pool toys. … That’s what you guessed, right? [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Summer Cummings, Goldie, Jessica Drake, Alektra Blue, Jynx Maze, Sophie Dee, Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose, Bobbi Starr, Capri Anderson, Stormy Daniels, Kaylani Lei, Spencer Scott, Lexi Belle, Abella Anderson, Riley Reid, Tori Black, Belladonna, Cytherea, Exclusive Video,]

Kristal Summers, Summer Cummings, and Goldie

For many people, “going through the Big D” refers to getting a divorce, those of course being the sophisticated country music fans among us. For the less enlightened, perhaps, the Big D might in fact mean Denver, but then depending upon where one lives, we suppose it could be like Decatur, Dubuque, Daytona, or maybe even Dublin. At Adam & Eve today, though, it means whatever Alexis Ford wants it to mean, and she picks “Dallas, XXX.” … Luuucy, she’s hooome … (Yeah, that was New York, we know. Whatever.) [FEATURED TAGS: Alexis Texas Exclusive Video]

Dallas XXX

We learned over the weekend that apparently a couple other groups in the country have a “Big Three” on staff. Hmm. Go figure. Of course our Big Three handle very important decisions like which beautiful naked porn star we get to talk about on which day, or which XXX movie we get to show off when. And another of our Big Three figures out how best to display these pithy and revealing insights, continually playing with new technology to accomplish these “nude by design” goals. (OK. So the third of our Big Three is basically in charge of Mexican food, but around here that’s very important.) All of that said, in deference to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat fans, we will admit this: Your Big Threes are taller. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Cytherea Exclusive Video, Amytheist Stone Video, Taylor Anne Video, Michael Ninn]

Kristal Summers - Quite Content Being Short

Somehow we don’t seem to have seen as many fun bumper stickers driving around the LA freeways lately, although D.Minion found one she claims to identify with that said, “I’m a Raggedy Ann in a Barbie World.” Honestly, DM’s a lot more “Anne” rather than “Ann” but we try not to mention that to her very often, and we don’t talk about it certainly. How do you explain to people that the lead writer for your adult news site has the largest collection of Sonny and Cher collectibles you have ever seen, after all? Odd what motivates some people, although at least we understand the Shayla ones a lot more than Mary Kate and Ashley (also DM favorites). [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Olivia Parrish Exclusive Video, Cytherea Exclusive Video, Ginger Lynn, Christy Canyon, Sienna West, Bree Olsen, Jessie Andrews, Lily Carter, Kagney Linn Karter, Tori Black, Missy Rhodes, Selena Rose, Alexis Texas, Brooklyn Lee, Skin Diamond, Holly Michaels, Riley Reid, Kristina Rose, Exclusive Video,]

The “Parrish” of Ms. LaVeaux

The reigning “Diminutive Minion” in our midst has always demonstrated a certain piquancy in her life — a trait that makes some degree of sense considering what we do for a living. True, the things that baffle her continues to grow as rapidly as technology moves forward, but D.Minion consistently maintains a keen devotion to the beautiful — and regularly nude — among us. Consequently, while DM can meander a bit in prose, we really can’t argue with her focus on Kristal Summers and Cytherea. … So we do not. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Cytherea Video, Michael Ninn]

Penthouse Poster

An ambitious Maverick has decided to update every Friday this month, according to plan with (finally) the U.K. take on a new AVN approach this year to the AEE. We assume the 247 crew has set an unusual system in place to accomplish this goal, and have thus promised that we will vary our usual “oh, by the way” approach to their updates with coinciding entries of our own. Of course you likely have heard what “assume” does, and we all know to Beware Geeks Bearing Gifts. So caveat yada, yada … . (We made that last sentence up ourselves, but feel free to make it a common part of the American vernacular. It does have a certain flair.) [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Stoya, Jessie Andrews, Skin Diamond, Lily Carter, Holly Michaels, Kagney Linn Karter, Asa Akira, Gracie Glam, Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose, Bree Olsen, Lisa Ann, Sienna West, Emily Addison, Jesse Jane, Stoya, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele, BiBi Jones, Exclusive Video,]

Alexis Texas & Cowgirl Friend

February 2011 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Of course we could have just let everyone know that Maverick has his new post up on but then we would have missed out to talk about Cheyenne Silver some more. With all the various negotiations going on around the country, not all of them as newsworthy as the NFL CBA probably, we’ve been refreshing our memories on the classic strategy recommended for “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” around here. Theoretically we should have some news to finally relate in the coming month, but for now you can See How Silver Shines and try not to feel too sorry about when millionaires have to fight with billionaires. For our part, we’ll continue to hope that we won’t have to bone up on Sun Tzu and Machiavelli. [FEATURED TAGS:AEE 2011, Cheyenne Silver, Faye Reagan, Gianna Michaels, Gina Lynn, Bree Olsen, Tanya Tate, Kaylani Lei, Lupe Fuentes, Jessica Drake, Bobbi Starr, Lexi Belle, Nina Hartley, Inari Vachs, Tara Lynn Foxx, Tori Black, Riley Steele, Jesse Jane,Asa Akira, JustineJoli, MoniqueAlexander, Adrenalynn, Alexis Ford, Kayden Kross,Exclusive Video,]

Love in an Elevator

New words enter the English language all the time. We all now use “tweet” in a way entirely different from its traditional associations, for example. Some words appear entirely out of nowhere. You’d be hard pressed to find a person on the planet now that doesn’t know “Google” as both a noun and a verb now. Heck, they even had a big televised “event” when the Oxford American College Dictionary added Rachel Ray’s “EVOO” (Extra-Virgin Olive Oil) to its listings a couple of years ago. Still, with all of that it would be a mistake to ignore some rarely used, yet nevertheless classic, words when they fit a situation. Take for example Matriarch. And then apply it to Shayla LaVeaux. That’s what we do today at least. … And after you’re done enjoying the story (and probably the lesbian videos featuring Shayla, Juli Ashton, Keri Windsor, and Dee) then you can think about what “Extra-Virgin” might mean in our context. That seems to be a tricky one. [FEATURED TAGS:Cheyenne Silver, Shayla LaVeaux Video,Jessica Drake, Rayveness, Skye Blue, Juli Ashton Video, Keri Windsor Video, Dee Video]

Cheyenne Silver, jessica drake, & Shayla LaVeaux — Many, Many Words Describe Them

All of us recognize Los Angeles as pretty much the Land of Celebrities, but that fact can still be rather surprising on occasion. For example, we’re not sure exactly which celebrities we might have expected to see sitting courtside at the NBA All-Star Game yesterday, but honestly Stevie Wonder would have been really far down the list of potentials. Of course he did have a guy next to him that seemed to be providing a personal play by play. Still, it does seem an odd choice, even for a rich guy. Now should he have wanted to sit courtside while Cytherea masturbates in a stairwell, that would have made perfect sense to us. Life’s just a matter of perspective, isn’t it? [FEATURED TAGS:Cytherea]

Cytherea Rounding up the Spectators

Have you ever driven through a particularly bad thunderstorm and had it break a brand new windshield? Well, if you haven’t we can assure you that it makes for a rather disconcerting conclusion of a journey. Sometimes you just have to deal with unpleasantness in life. Of course, when you work in the adult movie business, terms like “uncomfortable” can take on a dynamically different meaning as today’s example with Sasha Heart should demonstrate. On the other hand, the experience did provide us with a handy title for the episode: Oh, Hail No! … If you can’t make lemonade out of life’s little quirks, at least try to smile through the refraction. [FEATURED TAGS:Ron Jeremy, Sasha Heart, Video, Erica McLean]

Don't Panic: This is Not Sasha Heart

Remember how happy you were when you finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel and it did not in fact turn out to be a train? Well our conclusion of the Dee at KSEX Saga falls into that category, since now we can move along to if not more interesting, at least different, episodes in the Life of Dee. Also, it happens to be her birthday today, and this seemed like a wonderful way to celebrate it. After all we want to keep Dee happy since we might want to get on another ride with her soon. Face it: Not all tunnels are created equal. [FEATURED TAGS:KSEX Radio, Dee Video, Juli Ashton Video]

Dee Preparing Suitably for the Finale - Unsuited, As It Were

Our not yet venerable, but certainly less than spry D.Minion weighs in on love this time around, and predictably you’ll need to wade through a bit of the “aren’t puppies wonderful” prose. On the upside, those parts remain amazingly easy to skip. We also get a little insight into porn star love courtesy, Juli Ashton, Julia Ann, Devinn Lane, and one quite fortunate fellow, and that beats the heck out of Puppy Love, truth be told. Finally we should wish an official Happy Birthday today, which sort of wraps the whole love and happiness bit up into a nice adorable package. Of course “nice, adorable, package” isn’t ever what a guy really wants to hear from any woman, let alone one he loves. However, if she has beautiful porn star friends, we’re willing to forgive a lot. Men are so easy. [FEATURED TAGS:Julia Ann Exclusive Video, Melissa Monet, Devinn Lane, Juli Ashton]

Julia Ann, Juli Ashton, Devinn Lane - Quite Loveable All

Think about how much nicer it would be if it were really warm where you are. And then think about Shayla and three of her naked female friends joining you to cool off (or heat up, whatever). … And then think about Jeannie C. Riley. … Yeah, it confused us too. But the tropical lesbian fest makes sense, and it’s easy enough to ignore all the silly prose from the aging ones around here. In the spirit of things today, however, we did decide to offer up a thumbnail link that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with D.Minion’s topic of the day – but it fits the Shayla one perfectly. Of course clearly it’s easy to get along with Shayla. [FEATURED TAGS:Shayla LaVeaux, Felecia, Selena Steele, Janie]

Inari Vachs. Helpful one, that.

You know what’s really cool about membership areas (well, at least when you have access to them)? You can look at these little bitty, admittedly quite confusing thumbnail images and at least hope they’ll be some explanation for them inside. While the NFL estimates somewhere over 150,000,000 will be watching the Super Bowl today, we don’t anticipate being quite that crowded. On the other hand, they just have a bunch of sweaty men, and we have a sweaty Cytherea. We win. … We also have perhaps the very best video ever taken of “Life at a Convention” – admittedly enhanced with some very festive polka music. Gosh, we win again. [FEATURED TAGS:Dee, Cytherea Exclusive Video, Jessica Drake Exclusive Video]

Weather or Not, To Be (Dee) Actually

Apparently over 100 million people find themselves bracing for a brutal winter storm today. And not one of them works in the office here in Southern California. Imagine that. Almost all of us have families elsewhere that generally refer to our place of domicile with some variation of the “Land of Fruits and Nuts” comment, though. (And they don’t mean anything at all having to do with healthy food items, in case you couldn’t tell.) Still, the whole “cultural” issue came to mind, and seemed like a fine launching point for today. If nothing else, our “Jean Pool” approach will distract you from shoveling snow. People still do that we hear. … Odd. [FEATURED TAGS:Shayla LaVeaux Video, Juli Ashton, Keri Windsor, Gary Gray (Helmetcam Man)]

The Advanced Cleavage Catch