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July 2017 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

7/31/17 chalkboardIn the middle of trying to explain to Millennials — with a capital “M” because goodness knows you’d never want to hurt the feelings of a group that has always received a trophy just for showing up — what the Risqué Philosophy stands for, and how we apply it in a quite practical sense, we started running across, well, basically stunning examples of just how astounding the American culture used to be a half a century ago. Honestly, it can make you quiver and laugh, be amazed and ashamed all at the same time — sort of like really great sex if you think about it. [STAR TAGS: Ginger Lynn, Angel, Tori Black]
7/30/17 Angela Stone


Shades of GUSH

[STAR TAGS: Cytherea Video, Lauren Phoenix Video, Mia Smiles Video, Paulina Video, Isabella Video, Phoenix Ray Video, Natalia Wood Video]

7/28/17 Karma


Karma Come Here Me On | Pics

[STAR TAGS: Karma]

7/26/17 Jamie Huxley


Landing in for a Coming | vid

[STAR TAGS: Jamie Huxley Video]

7/23/17 Lacie James


Joslyn James – Randi Wright – Daisy Ducati – Angel Vain – Lacie James – Alix Lovell

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7/22/17 Janine, Chasey, ShaylaTalking to young people can be fun. One can respond to a surprising number of quizzical expressions with the simple statement, “Well, I wasn’t always this old.” … Have you ever watched a movie, or heard a news report, or even seen a simple photograph and thought to yourself, “There is no way on earth I was ever, ever that dumb?” … Well, we haven’t either, and even if we had, we couldn’t admit it because some Millennial might get their little feelings hurt. Vintage indeed. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video, Chasey Lain, Keri Windsor, Alex Jordan Video, Janine, Shanna McCullough, Tammi Ann, Missy]
7/19/17 Holly Kiss


Whatever Suits Holly

[STAR TAGS: Holly Kiss Exclusive Video,]

7/17/17 Shayla with Peter


Poke Shayla Alley

[STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video]

7/15/17 Angelina


A Moment Without Hesitation | pics

[STAR TAGS: Angelina]

7/12/17 Renna RyanWe spend our lives dealing with the impact of time. We have to wait too long for it to pass. It passes too quickly. We can’t remember enough of the details we need to. We can’t forget nearly as much as we’d like. Bottom line: Time can be a real Bitch. With a capital B. … So without putting too much of a Life Philosophy (with two capital letters) spin on it, we will simply say that whoever coined the expression Carpe Diem, clearly had many, many naked women in mind. Otherwise what would be the point? [STAR TAGS: Amber Lynn Video, Angel Video, Tracey Adams Video, Victoria Zdrok, Renna Ryan, Michael Ninn]
7/9/17 Tara Morgan


Tara Morgan – Alice Lighthouse – Lexxxi Nicole – Chanell Heart – Emma Snow – Brooklyn Daniels

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

7/8/17 Puma Swede & Jessica Jaymes


Legging for Mercy | pics & vid

[STAR TAGS: Jessica Jaymes Video, Puma Swede Video]

7/4/17 DeeSurprising as it may seem, you do not often get to watch honest-to-goodness, down-to-her-toes, female orgasms on screen very much these days. Fortunately on a particularly celebratory occasion, this will not be one of those days — at least for Risque Members — as we share Dee as she shares with us. We think of it as Safe and Sane Fireworks of the most intimate variety. Celebrate! … Wasting tea optional. [STAR TAGS: Dee Exclusive Video, Kristal Summers, Devinn Lane]
7/3/17 Steven St. Croix and Julia AnnMichael Raven chose Paradise Lost to serve as an inspiration for an adult movie. Ironically, that ended up being an apt description of our path through the coverage of it — well, the “lost” part, not the every decision being fraught with the peril of eternal damnation part. All in all, despite losing a key author along the way, we have upheld the Risqué Tradition of insight with a healthy dose of humor along the way. For the record, we have no idea how long it took Mr. Milton to write the original manuscript, but we feel fairly confident that it was faster than the period of time that it took to finish our coverage of Mr. Raven’s movie. Never hurry beautiful naked women, though. We learned that all on our own. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers, Julia Ann Video]
7/1/17 Carter Cruise


Honoring the Reel Inspiration | pics

[STAR TAGS: Carter Cruise]

November 2016 Risque | What’s New

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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

11/29/16 Jayden Jaymes and Lisa Ann


Fish Without Bicycles | vid

[STAR TAGS: Lisa Ann Video, Jayden Jaymes Video]

11/27/16 Wendy DivineOK, so when they’re trying to make a porn version of a light, whimsical, little diddy like Paradise Lost, we probably shouldn’t expect giggling and bobby socks in our introduction. That said, our visiting intrepid reporter Bradley does have his hands full with his literary introduction. Of course a lot of people may just skip the attempted insights and get right to the dueling couple of Wendy Divine (slash) Eric Masterson and Monica Mayhem (slash) Cheyne Collins. So far, we’re still pretty confused, yet oddly titillated, sort of like watching a naked Cirque du Soleil. [STAR TAGS: Wendy Divine Video, Monica Mayhem Video]
11/27/16 Nikki Daniels


Nikki Daniels – Jacky Joy – Nikki Charm – Ashley Pink – Jennifer White – Ava Green

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

11/24/16 Dee Cam ShowHappily, members of any of the Risque Commune sites will not witness the biggest turkey displayed for the public on this day. Sadly, the same cannot be said for members of all sites, even one near and dear to us. Happily, you don’t even need to try and make sense of that because we have Dee to distract us. We count any day that includes Dee AND has the Happily’s outnumbering the Sadly’s as a win. We have a lot to be thankful for today. [STAR TAGS: Dee Exclusive Video]
11/20/16 Ginger Lynn on CameraEveryone pretty much knows that you get ALL of the Risqué Commune sites when you join ANY of them. Consequently we do not often spend any significant time highlighting any specific update. We list them here in New Stuff and then feel comfortable that everyone can figure it out from there. Truth be told, unless you happen to think at least slightly more deeply that most people seem to, you’re not a member here anyway. Sometimes, though, people like Ginger Lynn write something honestly extraordinary, so we like to draw attention to it. Coincidentally, Ginger happens to be an excellent cook too, and we will just happen to be visiting Vegas soon, so… [STAR TAGS: Ginger Lynn, Kristal Summers, Julia Ann, Devinn Lane]
11/19/16 Kristal Summers' FeetWe’re just about to launch the next series of Monday Night at the Risque Movies with an early favorite directed by a sort of adopted son of Risqué Business, Michael Raven. Now on the off chance you have not committed the Milton version of Paradise Lost to memory we also decided to be kind and just give you a quick summation you can remember over the coming weeks: You piss off Gods, and you’re screwed. … See? Now you can relax, quit worrying about all the words, and follow the rather more explicit visual telling of the story. [STAR TAGS: Julia Ann Video, Kristal Summers Video, TJ Hart Video, Jezabelle Bond]
11/15/16 Rosa Brighid



[STAR TAGS: Rosa Brighid Exclusive Video,] 

11/13/16 Chantelle Fox


Aubrey Addams – Tera Patrick – Sadie Kennedy – Alessandra Noir – Chantelle Fox – Jessica Ryan

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

11/12/16 Cytherea


Warming Becomes Electric

[STAR TAGS: Cytherea Video] 

11/11/16 Diner Food with Kylie Ireland


Diner Food

[STAR TAGS: Kylie Ireland Video, Michael Ninn]

11/8/16 Shayla LaVeaxBy the time a national election rolls around, most people in this country feel one overriding emotion: Complete embarrassment at being an American. Whatever the Framers had in mind, it simply could not have been Twitter potentially playing a major role in our search for the Presidency. This time, possibly more than ever before, we have the choice between a liar and a crazy person. … It makes no difference which candidate you favor: You view the election as between a liar and a crazy person. But LOCAL issues and people need your votes, so you should go to the polls anyway. If you want to wear one of those fake mustaches with the glasses and the big nose, no one will blame you, though. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux]
11/6/16 Uncle Gibby and Layla SinSometimes you’re kind to friends by saying or doing something, and sometimes the greatest kindness comes from doing nothing. Having seen how a particular afternoon football game has been going, we thought we might bump up the finale of Uncle Gibby’s AEE coverage to today. He might want a pleasant distraction sooner rather than later. Depending upon how the game goes tonight, we might not even be in the office tomorrow, because we might be too scared. Gibby may be scary too, but he’s in Wisconsin, so we can hide easier. So that explains what we’re doing. As for what we’re saying, not a damned thing. Nope. All quiet here. [STAR TAGS: AEE 2016, Julia Ann, Janine, Jayden Cole, Nina Hartley, Sarah Vandella, Nicole Aniston, Peta Jensen, Katie Morgan]
11/5/16 Julia Ann Knows BestWe do not get serious around here very often. Honestly we almost never even talk seriously about getting serious. Sometimes, however, we all just need to take a moment. We can be horribly sad for an individual — like Cytherea this weekend — or we can be genuinely frightened for an entire state, like California this election. So we take the time, even as we ponder how to make a law that regulates how to make laws. You should probably have heard the song with the chorus that begins, You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything. … Country Music can be a great friend, believe it or not. California Prop 60, not so much. [STAR TAGS: Vote “NO” on Prop 60!]
11/3/16 Shayla LaVeaux


Considering THE Lifestyle

[STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux, Nina Hartley, Alexandra Silk]

11/1/16 Misty LovelaceHonestly we try to get all the giving out of the way very, very early so that we can concentrate on the much more fun receiving part when the official holiday season starts. With that goal in mind we thought to provide a shameless plug for a group of very dear people who actually spend time at work doing things other than simply trying to keep their jobs. That alone makes Penthouse a fun place to be. Also, the steady stream of feminine decoration tends to add to the pleasantness as well. Now if we had to do a shameFUL plug, that would be difficult — sort of like figuring out the lesser of two evils in the next election. Right? [STAR TAGS: Anais]

April 2015 Risque | What’s New

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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

4/29/15 Shayla LaVeaux


Flagin’ with the Dragon

[STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Kylie Ireland Video, Jessica Drake Video, Nina Hartley Video]

4/26/15 Cytherea


A (Camel) Toe in the Water

[STAR TAGS: Cytherea Exclusive Video, Ginger Lynn]

4/24/15 Kiera King


Cosmic Connections of the Carnal Variety

[STAR TAGS: Kiera King,]

4/23/15 Derrick Pierce and London KeyesAll over the world quiet little behind-the-scenes network geeks constantly work to improve performance and security when it comes to making purchases online. Most of the time they make changes that almost nobody notices, but they strive in virtual anonymity to make our modern world a safer place — without any cool costumes or superpowers or anything. Occasionally when this happens it can mess up some beautiful code that we “front end” people created often years ago, and although things still work properly, they do not appear the same way they used to. Of course the silly women in the risqué commune think that looks count, so we’ve suddenly found ourselves doing a bunch of graphics and code work that almost no one will ever see. For the record, we love making the ladies happy, but this whole Nobody Will Ever Know stuff is just crazy-talk. … [STAR TAGS: London Keyes Video, Cytherea]
4/22/15 Chantelle Fox


Wet and Willing at Least

[STAR TAGS: Chantelle Fox Exclusive Video,]

4/17/15 Marley Blaze


Blazing Hot (No Saddles)

[STAR TAGS: Marley Blaze,]

4/15/15 Faye ReaganWhenever you do something for a living, at least if you have done it for a few years, you develop a certain appreciation for others that do the same job. Of course when you write for a living it can be a little disconcerting when on pretty much a daily basis you may find someone that does your job particularly well, occasionally even with rare excellence. … Consequently, rather than try and put our own spin on tax day this year, we concede the contest and humbly tip our collective hats to the writers for the Jimmy Fallon show who gave us a sterling insight this week: “Thank you Tax Day for combining the fun of doing paperwork with the threat of going to jail.” … Of course if we actually wore hats that would probably mean more. [STAR TAGS: Faye Reagan Video]
4/13/15 Faye Taylor


A British Diner in an American Diner

[STAR TAGS: Faye Taylor Exclusive Video,]

4/11/15 Shayla LaVeauxWe do not often do “explanations” per se, for a deceptively simple reason: Even if we did them only on those “when called for” occasions, we’d still spend the majority of our time trying to clarify what we were doing in the then by definition minority of the time. Not only does that sound unpleasant, it also sounds really, really boring. We make a slight exception today, however, since giving the “411 on 4/11” seems like just the sort of thing we would do. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video, Julia Ann Video, Janine Video, Dyanna Lauren Video, Shane Video, Chasey Lain Video, Summer Knight Video, Tiffany Mynx Video, Lacy Rose Video, Ona Zee Video, Diedre Holland Video, Lena Video, Alex Jordan Video]
4/10/15 Jackie Avalon


American Dulce de Leche

[STAR TAGS: Jackie Avalon,]

4/9/15 Kylie Ireland, Lyndon Johnson, Steve Drake


Jeep Trick

[STAR TAGS: Kylie Ireland Video, Lynden Johnson Video]

4/7/15 Cassie Laine


Nether Regions — FlyCAM

[STAR TAGS: Cassie Laine Exclusive Video,]

4/6/15 Chantelle FoxCall them Tub Travails. Call them Faucet Foibles. Call them simply Water Woes. … When a group of ever-the-helpful Americans try to teach an itty-bitty British porn star how to enjoy a bathtub fixture in a singularly expressive way, well, turns out it helps if they did not design the tub for soaking. We’d call it Masturbatory Malfeasance, but we probably have enough terms to satisfy Chantelle Fox already. She certainly wasn’t satisfied any other way. [STAR TAGS: Chantelle Fox Exclusive Video]
4/3/15 Brooke Haven


Cowgirl Clit

[STAR TAGS: Kaylee Rayne,]

4/2/15 Kylie on the Radio


Everything was Vibrating (#45)

[STAR TAGS: Kylie Ireland Audio, Cricket Audio]

4/1/15 Capri Anderson & TenayaWe love learning things around here, which quite honestly hardly qualifies as the most bizarre fact about Risque. That said, we just learned that should one be in Georgia, one cannot legally carry an ice cream cone in one’s back pocket, if it happens to be a Sunday. … Good to know. … We also learned that should one be a bisexual Porn Valley Performer, someone has to be your first on-screen lesbian experience. Tenaya, for example, chose Capri Anderson as hers and members get to watch. … Suddenly that no ice cream in the back pocket limitation does not seem nearly as onerous. [STAR TAGS: Tenaya Video, Capri Anderson Video]

November 2014 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


You know how the day before a long weekend turns into only technically a work day most of the time? Well, mix an upcoming four-day weekend with 80-degree temperatures at the beach, and … well, you’ll have to read it to believe it. In the alternative, you can enjoy some rather dazzling Inari Vachs views along with some Extraordinarily Risqué Thanksgiving Leftovers. All in all, it beats the heck out of cold turkey sandwiches, and we like those a lot. [STAR TAGS: Inari Vachs]

Inari Vachs

Uncle Gibby gets a little help with Day Four of his “tempt everyone to come to the AEE in January” efforts. As a rule many writers take a bit of umbrage at this, but one can hardly complain about assistance from Nina Hartley. And besides, as anyone who lives in Wisconsin with Gibby can tell you, they do not even need umbrage there. It hardly ever rains. [STAR TAGS: Lexi Belle, Nicole Aniston, Natalia Starr, Madison Ivy, Jesse Jane, Sunny Lane, Samantha Saint, Riley Steele, Skin Diamond, Nina Hartley Video, AEE Day Four Exclusive Video]

Shaory Mac & Nina Hartley

Everyone should take about 20 minutes of their day off today and walk a mile or so around wherever you call home. Honestly it won’t take more than that for you to come up with many reasons for Giving Thanks on this day dedicated for such. Too often we get caught up in the minutiae of our lives to the point where we lose sight of what’s really important and how many people have it much worse than we do. In fact, we should probably take this 20 minutes every day, but then we’d eventually get fired, and that would be bad … . [STAR TAGS: Inari Vachs]

Inari Vachs

Our plan about getting everyone excited about the upcoming (“and completely revamped” as we hear it) convention in Las Vegas for AVN seems to be working almost too well. Now everyone in the office has been whining about how each of them really needs to go this year and what wonderful things they could accomplish if given the chance. Consequently it seemed appropriate to enhance Uncle Gibby’s Day Three coverage from last year with a little of Michael’s Temptation. Hopefully between that and some dazzling photos of Cytherea taken by Ginger Lynn we can cushion the inevitable despair that will soon follow as folks learn The Vegas Contingent will not change all that much this year. [STAR TAGS: Cytherea, Kristal Summers, Lexi Belle, Aiden Ashley, Selena Rose, Holly Michaels, Allie Haze, Christy Canyon, Dee, Devinn Lane, Cassidey, Danni Ashe, Janine, Dani Daniels, Bianca Blaze, Victoria Zdrok Video, Linn Thomas Video, Michael Ninn, AEE Day Three Exclusive Video]


Just let us hear some of that Zdrok and Stroll music … OK. So none of us has ever made it big in the music lyrics business, but we do know enough to appreciate Victoria Zdrok as she strolls about a room. Kylie and Shayla join in the appreciation folder today as well, so basically we’re pretty happy — all except the writers, who remain fairly bitter. Some devilish Chickadee took it upon herself to email everyone the lyrics to What Does the Fox Say? That’ll piss off anyone that writes for a living. [STAR TAGS: Victoria Zdrok, Linn Thomas, Shayla LaVeaux Video, Kylie Ireland Video, Michael Ninn]

Linn Thomas and Victoria Zdrok

You need to pick your battles in life. Unless you happen to be really super-rich and can afford unlimited people to help you endure conflict in every instance where you sense an injustice, no one has enough energy to argue about everything — all the time. Just ask any divorced couple. They’ll tell you. Of course even more Celeste Star probably never caused most divorced couples any conflict, but if she did, honestly we’d love to hear about it. Then we can do even more of even more of Celeste Star. [STAR TAGS: Jana Jordan Video, Celeste Star Video, Michael Ninn]

Celeste Star

Day Two of The Uncle Gibby Experience debuts today with the predictable assortment of porn stars and fermented beverages. All things considered, one might think of a great many experiences not nearly so enjoyable. All in all, it must be good to be King. [STAR TAGS: Jessica Drake, Aiden Ashley, Lexi Belle, Celeste Star, Jessica Jaymes, Jessa Rhodes, Alexis Texas, AEE 2014 Day Two Exclusive Video]

professor jessica drake

Throughout the day we will all be reminded of those that have taken a vastly different track in life and been willing to pay the ultimate price so millions of people they never met can enjoy a free existence. Of course we should always remember these people, but it probably says something about Americans that we had to change the name to Veterans’ Day because not enough people know what Armistice means anymore. Kylie Ireland helps us celebrate in our traditional fashion, but we all have rather more typical feelings of gratitude today. [STAR TAGS: Super-Secret Star, Kylie Ireland Video]

Kylie Stone, Kylie Ireland, Chris Cannon (an actual veteran)

Hundreds of different web sites “cover” the AVN Trade Show in January, and each of them rushes out to be the first on the scene with, well, essentially the same story as last year. Being admittedly weird, we took a different track this year. With stunning cleverness, we held off our day by day reviews, waiting until last year’s coverage could help get everyone excited for next years show. It seemed rather novel to actually give people enough notice to make some plans if they have always wanted to join us at one of these. That’s what we meant to say about ourselves, come to think of it: We’re novel. Not weird. … Certainly not. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux, Kristal Summers, Kylie Ireland, Celeste Star, Jayden Jaymes, Bonnie Rotten, Bailey Blue, Nina Hartley, Riley Reid, Lexi Belle, Jesse Jane, Debi Diamond, Annika Albrite, Raven Rockette, Jessica Drake, Stormy Daniels, Sunny Lane, AEE 2014 Day One Exclusive Video]


We always try to do something a little special on these national election days, just on the off chance that people do not want to spend all of their time watching network projections. Regardless of who or what wins, though, 100% of the people in the land will be absolutely thrilled that at least we have seen the end of all the annoying commercials for the next year and a half or so. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux, Olivia Del Rio, Laura Palmer, Roxanne Hall, Randi Rage, Cytherea Exclusive Video]


Everyone celebrates in their own way, and for our part we would like to go on record as saying that any celebration that includes Celeste Star will be perfectly fine with us, no matter how accurate the timing. We call it A “Celesteal” Pooling, but you might be too busy saying, “Wow!” to call it much of anything. [STAR TAGS: Celeste Star Video, Michael Ninn]

Celeste Star