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July 2017 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

7/31/17 chalkboardIn the middle of trying to explain to Millennials — with a capital “M” because goodness knows you’d never want to hurt the feelings of a group that has always received a trophy just for showing up — what the Risqué Philosophy stands for, and how we apply it in a quite practical sense, we started running across, well, basically stunning examples of just how astounding the American culture used to be a half a century ago. Honestly, it can make you quiver and laugh, be amazed and ashamed all at the same time — sort of like really great sex if you think about it. [STAR TAGS: Ginger Lynn, Angel, Tori Black]
7/30/17 Angela Stone


Shades of GUSH

[STAR TAGS: Cytherea Video, Lauren Phoenix Video, Mia Smiles Video, Paulina Video, Isabella Video, Phoenix Ray Video, Natalia Wood Video]

7/28/17 Karma


Karma Come Here Me On | Pics

[STAR TAGS: Karma]

7/26/17 Jamie Huxley


Landing in for a Coming | vid

[STAR TAGS: Jamie Huxley Video]

7/23/17 Lacie James


Joslyn James – Randi Wright – Daisy Ducati – Angel Vain – Lacie James – Alix Lovell

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

7/22/17 Janine, Chasey, ShaylaTalking to young people can be fun. One can respond to a surprising number of quizzical expressions with the simple statement, “Well, I wasn’t always this old.” … Have you ever watched a movie, or heard a news report, or even seen a simple photograph and thought to yourself, “There is no way on earth I was ever, ever that dumb?” … Well, we haven’t either, and even if we had, we couldn’t admit it because some Millennial might get their little feelings hurt. Vintage indeed. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video, Chasey Lain, Keri Windsor, Alex Jordan Video, Janine, Shanna McCullough, Tammi Ann, Missy]
7/19/17 Holly Kiss


Whatever Suits Holly

[STAR TAGS: Holly Kiss Exclusive Video,]

7/17/17 Shayla with Peter


Poke Shayla Alley

[STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video]

7/15/17 Angelina


A Moment Without Hesitation | pics

[STAR TAGS: Angelina]

7/12/17 Renna RyanWe spend our lives dealing with the impact of time. We have to wait too long for it to pass. It passes too quickly. We can’t remember enough of the details we need to. We can’t forget nearly as much as we’d like. Bottom line: Time can be a real Bitch. With a capital B. … So without putting too much of a Life Philosophy (with two capital letters) spin on it, we will simply say that whoever coined the expression Carpe Diem, clearly had many, many naked women in mind. Otherwise what would be the point? [STAR TAGS: Amber Lynn Video, Angel Video, Tracey Adams Video, Victoria Zdrok, Renna Ryan, Michael Ninn]
7/9/17 Tara Morgan


Tara Morgan – Alice Lighthouse – Lexxxi Nicole – Chanell Heart – Emma Snow – Brooklyn Daniels

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

7/8/17 Puma Swede & Jessica Jaymes


Legging for Mercy | pics & vid

[STAR TAGS: Jessica Jaymes Video, Puma Swede Video]

7/4/17 DeeSurprising as it may seem, you do not often get to watch honest-to-goodness, down-to-her-toes, female orgasms on screen very much these days. Fortunately on a particularly celebratory occasion, this will not be one of those days — at least for Risque Members — as we share Dee as she shares with us. We think of it as Safe and Sane Fireworks of the most intimate variety. Celebrate! … Wasting tea optional. [STAR TAGS: Dee Exclusive Video, Kristal Summers, Devinn Lane]
7/3/17 Steven St. Croix and Julia AnnMichael Raven chose Paradise Lost to serve as an inspiration for an adult movie. Ironically, that ended up being an apt description of our path through the coverage of it — well, the “lost” part, not the every decision being fraught with the peril of eternal damnation part. All in all, despite losing a key author along the way, we have upheld the Risqué Tradition of insight with a healthy dose of humor along the way. For the record, we have no idea how long it took Mr. Milton to write the original manuscript, but we feel fairly confident that it was faster than the period of time that it took to finish our coverage of Mr. Raven’s movie. Never hurry beautiful naked women, though. We learned that all on our own. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers, Julia Ann Video]
7/1/17 Carter Cruise


Honoring the Reel Inspiration | pics

[STAR TAGS: Carter Cruise]

November 2014 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


You know how the day before a long weekend turns into only technically a work day most of the time? Well, mix an upcoming four-day weekend with 80-degree temperatures at the beach, and … well, you’ll have to read it to believe it. In the alternative, you can enjoy some rather dazzling Inari Vachs views along with some Extraordinarily Risqué Thanksgiving Leftovers. All in all, it beats the heck out of cold turkey sandwiches, and we like those a lot. [STAR TAGS: Inari Vachs]

Inari Vachs

Uncle Gibby gets a little help with Day Four of his “tempt everyone to come to the AEE in January” efforts. As a rule many writers take a bit of umbrage at this, but one can hardly complain about assistance from Nina Hartley. And besides, as anyone who lives in Wisconsin with Gibby can tell you, they do not even need umbrage there. It hardly ever rains. [STAR TAGS: Lexi Belle, Nicole Aniston, Natalia Starr, Madison Ivy, Jesse Jane, Sunny Lane, Samantha Saint, Riley Steele, Skin Diamond, Nina Hartley Video, AEE Day Four Exclusive Video]

Shaory Mac & Nina Hartley

Everyone should take about 20 minutes of their day off today and walk a mile or so around wherever you call home. Honestly it won’t take more than that for you to come up with many reasons for Giving Thanks on this day dedicated for such. Too often we get caught up in the minutiae of our lives to the point where we lose sight of what’s really important and how many people have it much worse than we do. In fact, we should probably take this 20 minutes every day, but then we’d eventually get fired, and that would be bad … . [STAR TAGS: Inari Vachs]

Inari Vachs

Our plan about getting everyone excited about the upcoming (“and completely revamped” as we hear it) convention in Las Vegas for AVN seems to be working almost too well. Now everyone in the office has been whining about how each of them really needs to go this year and what wonderful things they could accomplish if given the chance. Consequently it seemed appropriate to enhance Uncle Gibby’s Day Three coverage from last year with a little of Michael’s Temptation. Hopefully between that and some dazzling photos of Cytherea taken by Ginger Lynn we can cushion the inevitable despair that will soon follow as folks learn The Vegas Contingent will not change all that much this year. [STAR TAGS: Cytherea, Kristal Summers, Lexi Belle, Aiden Ashley, Selena Rose, Holly Michaels, Allie Haze, Christy Canyon, Dee, Devinn Lane, Cassidey, Danni Ashe, Janine, Dani Daniels, Bianca Blaze, Victoria Zdrok Video, Linn Thomas Video, Michael Ninn, AEE Day Three Exclusive Video]


Just let us hear some of that Zdrok and Stroll music … OK. So none of us has ever made it big in the music lyrics business, but we do know enough to appreciate Victoria Zdrok as she strolls about a room. Kylie and Shayla join in the appreciation folder today as well, so basically we’re pretty happy — all except the writers, who remain fairly bitter. Some devilish Chickadee took it upon herself to email everyone the lyrics to What Does the Fox Say? That’ll piss off anyone that writes for a living. [STAR TAGS: Victoria Zdrok, Linn Thomas, Shayla LaVeaux Video, Kylie Ireland Video, Michael Ninn]

Linn Thomas and Victoria Zdrok

You need to pick your battles in life. Unless you happen to be really super-rich and can afford unlimited people to help you endure conflict in every instance where you sense an injustice, no one has enough energy to argue about everything — all the time. Just ask any divorced couple. They’ll tell you. Of course even more Celeste Star probably never caused most divorced couples any conflict, but if she did, honestly we’d love to hear about it. Then we can do even more of even more of Celeste Star. [STAR TAGS: Jana Jordan Video, Celeste Star Video, Michael Ninn]

Celeste Star

Day Two of The Uncle Gibby Experience debuts today with the predictable assortment of porn stars and fermented beverages. All things considered, one might think of a great many experiences not nearly so enjoyable. All in all, it must be good to be King. [STAR TAGS: Jessica Drake, Aiden Ashley, Lexi Belle, Celeste Star, Jessica Jaymes, Jessa Rhodes, Alexis Texas, AEE 2014 Day Two Exclusive Video]

professor jessica drake

Throughout the day we will all be reminded of those that have taken a vastly different track in life and been willing to pay the ultimate price so millions of people they never met can enjoy a free existence. Of course we should always remember these people, but it probably says something about Americans that we had to change the name to Veterans’ Day because not enough people know what Armistice means anymore. Kylie Ireland helps us celebrate in our traditional fashion, but we all have rather more typical feelings of gratitude today. [STAR TAGS: Super-Secret Star, Kylie Ireland Video]

Kylie Stone, Kylie Ireland, Chris Cannon (an actual veteran)

Hundreds of different web sites “cover” the AVN Trade Show in January, and each of them rushes out to be the first on the scene with, well, essentially the same story as last year. Being admittedly weird, we took a different track this year. With stunning cleverness, we held off our day by day reviews, waiting until last year’s coverage could help get everyone excited for next years show. It seemed rather novel to actually give people enough notice to make some plans if they have always wanted to join us at one of these. That’s what we meant to say about ourselves, come to think of it: We’re novel. Not weird. … Certainly not. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux, Kristal Summers, Kylie Ireland, Celeste Star, Jayden Jaymes, Bonnie Rotten, Bailey Blue, Nina Hartley, Riley Reid, Lexi Belle, Jesse Jane, Debi Diamond, Annika Albrite, Raven Rockette, Jessica Drake, Stormy Daniels, Sunny Lane, AEE 2014 Day One Exclusive Video]


We always try to do something a little special on these national election days, just on the off chance that people do not want to spend all of their time watching network projections. Regardless of who or what wins, though, 100% of the people in the land will be absolutely thrilled that at least we have seen the end of all the annoying commercials for the next year and a half or so. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux, Olivia Del Rio, Laura Palmer, Roxanne Hall, Randi Rage, Cytherea Exclusive Video]


Everyone celebrates in their own way, and for our part we would like to go on record as saying that any celebration that includes Celeste Star will be perfectly fine with us, no matter how accurate the timing. We call it A “Celesteal” Pooling, but you might be too busy saying, “Wow!” to call it much of anything. [STAR TAGS: Celeste Star Video, Michael Ninn]

Celeste Star

February 2010 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Maverick and 247AdultStars begin the "official" Adult Entertainment Expo coverage, which makes those of us waiting on the reports from Lon and Steve just a little nervous, quite honestly. If you think about it, one doesn’t need to spend much time writing two or three hundred words, particularly when you’re talking about the contributors around here. Oh well, in typical fashion we’ve decided to panic about that bridge when we suddenly have to cross it, and at least Mav decided to break this mega-event up into four parts. For our part, we’ve decided that only brief editorial comment, supported by a very few quite wonderful pictures of Kristal Summers at home might be just the ticket today. Apparently there’s a big hockey game at the Olympics that people want to watch anyway. At least hockey makes some kind of sense as a sport, we’ll give it that. [FEATURED TAGS:, Adult Entertainment Expo, Kristal Summers, Riley Steele, Jesse Jane, Alexis Texas, Tori Black, Sunny Lane, Rayveness, Raylene, Gina Lynn, Jenna Haze, Jenny Hendrix, Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Lexi Love, Exclusive Video]

Kristal Demonstrating Fun Things that Porn Friends Do

Granted most people in the adult business probably don’t look at the Tiger Woods situation the same way as more "regular" folks do. We certainly don’t want to look at it as often, that’s for sure. It seems to us (at least the males) here, that no one has ever asked the question we really all want to know. How the heck can you be that famous and get away with it that many times with that many women? We don’t give one whit about "why" you did it, but if you could just tell us HOW, that would be useful information. Being (often decidedly) not one of the males here, however, D.Minion brings in her timely (and predictably weird) take on the whole sex addiction scenario. And the benefit of looking at question here? … We get to use illustrations. [FEATURED TAGS: Devinn Lane, Penny Flame Video]

Typical Office Attire Around Here

We’re not sure how many of you actually watch the world competitions going on up in Vancouver right now, but we do have a question for any of you that might be more knowledgeable than we seem to be. What kind of a person thinks it’s a wonderful idea to jump on a sled and fly down a winding tube of ice when the first thing that hits something if there’s a problem will be their head? Shouldn’t we all be just naturally wary of a sport called the "Skeleton" anyway? … At any rate, while pondering these more confusing questions, we’re continuing our own Olympic efforts with the Dee at KSEX saga, not only because it stands in marked departure from Mav’s latest entry, but also Dee has really great breasts — which never seem to be covered up by all that necessary winter clothing. [FEATURED TAGS: KSEX Radio, Dee, Kylie Ireland]

Dee. And Dee. And Dee. ... And Dee.

This seems to be the ultimate day for sweethearts, which seems to assume the possibility of bitterhearts, right? … And on a completely unrelated topic (Yeah, right.), we finally got a convention report submitted by one of our certainly dedicated professionals. Curiously it was not the most recent convention, but we’re getting closer, so that has to count for something. Also, Maverick’s new post does feature a great many U.K. stars, albeit in a more clothed perspective than we’d prefer. … Finally, just as a public apology here, the date on this post was supposed to read "2/14/10" to not only fit in with the introduction above, but also to coincide with Mav’s Two Year Anniversary of 247AdultStars. The person writing the New Stuff part happened to be on time. The rest of us that had to deal with a completely unexpected deluge of material, well, we were tardy. We explain briefly inside. You’d think by now that we’d have come to expect the occasional deluge from England, wouldn’t you? [FEATURED TAGS:, Erotica London, Pixie, Syren Sexton, HollyD, Keisha Kane, Exclusive Video]

A Bit Less Deep in the Heart of Pixie

Gee. It seems like about a third of the country happens to be buried in winter weather, so we made it our task to provide a splendid diversion today. Without going too much out on a limb here, we’re assuming that getting Topless with Tenaya, and Inari Vachs and Dee working on a nude advertising campaign, just might warm you up a bit. Oh, and in case you’re curious, when we go out on a limb in California, we can still see leaves. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Inari Vachs, Tenaya Video, Exclusive Video]

Inari and Dee Show Capitalist Tendencies

Rumor has it that if you "find a penny, and pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck." We all know that, right? Now rather a penny, we found a Penny one fine day on a Ninn set, and although we didn’t technically pick her up, we do find the meeting particularly relevant considering the coverage (so to speak) in the risqué queue right now. Don’t you just love it when nudity and brazen sexual activity become relevant? [FEATURED TAGS: Penny Flame, Breanne, Jessica Jaymes, Dee, Lonnie, Michael Ninn]

Penny as Her Flame Began to Burn

You may wonder, "Who’s playing at half time in the Super Bowl today?" The answer, simply, would be, "Of course." ("Who is the band playing at half time today?" "Absolutely,") … It always makes for a fun day when you get a chance to pirate an Abbott and Costello routine, don’t you think? … On the off chance that you’re one of the three people on the planet who don’t plan on watching the game (or the commercials) today, then we’re giving you a treat with Uncle Gibby’s brave entrance into professional journalism. More likely you’ll be looking at this some time after the final gun, and you’ll either be happy, or sad, or even just indifferent, but the AVN Awards Show 2010 will still be here to entertain you. As Gibby can certainly tell you now, it’s good to know people who know people. [FEATURED TAGS: AVN Awards, Julia Ann, Tori Black, Kylie Ireland, Syren, Wendy Divine Video, Exclusive Video]

Tori Black and Julia Ann, Completely Impressed with Gibby.

One needs to be well suited toward the adaptable in this business, and today aptly demonstrates how this can be a darned handy survival trick. We almost never follow a feature on one lady with another one of the same lady, but if that’s what seems wisest, that’s what one has to do. Consequently, Tori Black is Back (and we’d all love to hit the sack with her, come to think of it). In our own inimitable way, we’ve decided to call the entry, "Recipe for Catchin’ a Tori" — which probably shows why people don’t really line up to imitate us, if you want to know the truth. In life you have to play the cards you’re dealt, but darned if it doesn’t seem a whole lot easier play when the deck looks like this one.  [FEATURED TAGS: Tori Black]

A Spread of Historic Proportions, As It Turns Out

February 2004 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


It seems like that on a rare day such as “Leap Year’s Day” we should celebrate something even more rare. Juli Ashton seems to fit the bill, and so we genuflect anew — albeit obviously with good reason. We all have envisioned the “Dream Date” and Juli on occasion apparently makes these come true. When you consider she took Shayla LaVeaux in tow, you may understand the a mere “every four years” may be too much to hope for … in the “Yes, Sir” Real World … [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Shayla LaVeaux, Risque News Insight]

Shayla and Juli “Be all that they can Be” ...

A Risqué Mexican Holiday surfaces today, serving a dual function of distracting many from really bad local weather and fascinating the erudite among us with historic trivia. You can read more about “the way it was” or you can just look at pictures of unnamed beauties and wish you got to spend two weeks on the beach with them. OK, we actually do name them, but you’re going to have to deal with the words to find out who they are, unless you can tell from this angle. Life may not be fair, but it certainly seems to be more fair to some than others.  [FEATURED TAGS: Vicca, Taren Steele, Risque News Insight]

OK, we'll tell. This is Vicca and Taren Steele, but you'll have to take that on our say so unless you're a member.

It’s officially less than a week away from the return of Night Calls from its long hiatus. If you look carefully, you can see that “hiatus” is not really all that far from “Hate Us,” and if you ask most Juli Ashton and Tiffany Granath fans they’d consider those words synonyms for sure. Add in the fact that a scheduling conflict kept D.Minion from the first January show, and then you can sort of explain why Night Calls, January 21, 2004 runs about … oh … TWICE AS LONG as one of D.Minion’s usual stories. Still, it’s Juli and the gang, and we’ll likely forgive them their abscence as we usually do. This episode will also tell you when you should go to Jamaica to meet Juli and Tiffany in person, but you’ll have to be a member to find out. We’re like that. [FEATURED TAGS: Night Calls, Juli Ashton, Tiffany Granath, Audrey Hollander, Tanya James, D.Minion]

Juli and Tiffany's naked demonstrations. You gotta love that.

Well we’ve got quite the treat for you today as Maverick has continued to work his Photoshop fingers to the bone. He was trying out some new techniques we showed him and decided to choose … well, Kristal … to practice on. Go figure. We also have D.Minion’s account of the very first time we saw Ms. Anais in front of our lens, and Michael has given us some “action” shots from her recent romp with Carol’s favorite Billy Glide. So we’ve got Anais before she was Anais, Anais after she was Anais, and lots and lots of Kristal Summers. Sounds like a fair way to start the week to us … [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Anais, Michael Ninn, D.Minion]

Anais & Kristal Summers. Can you tell they're related?

Thanks to our “Maverick” friend, Dee now has a new section to show off all of her KSEX Archives, and we’re celebrating with one of D.Minion’s recaps from October of 2003. On the downside, you can now see how many episodes we have left to code for your visual pleasure, but on the upside there was not a calendar involved in this task, and so Mav did a perfect job. Hey, free is free … =)  [FEATURED TAGS: KSEX Radio, Dee, Darrien Ross, D.Minion]

Dee ... All that she can Dee ...

“Regardless, however, you can take a look back at Shayla LaVeaux, Kaylan Nicole, Chasey Lain, Jewel, and a very, very new Juli Ashton.” That’s the important part of what we have in store for you today, but it’s lost in a whole bunch of presumptuous advice. It might be best to just skip to the pictures and then enjoy a nice book for the rest of the evening. May we suggest something by Greg Isles? He’s relatively new and very good, and we can’t seem to shake the presumptuous mood today anyway, so why try? Hopefully, it will be better in the morning. [FEATURED TAGS: Juli Ashton, Shayla LaVeaux, Kaylan Nicole, Chasey Lain, Jewel, Risque News Insight]

Shayla LaVeaux was always very cute. We love Shayla.

While we haven’t always agreed with all of her business decisions, we would be foolish, and appear so to the knowledgeable among you, were we not to admit that few people in the XXX business have ever had the raw sex appeal of Devinn Lane. Back in mid 2002, D.Minion covered one of Devinn’s first web cam shows, and since we seem to be on that tangent this week, we thought we’d show it to you. Life sometimes has a way of switching directions on you, and sometimes that’s sad, but we’ll state categorically (and not for the first time), that Devinn Lane is one very pretty lady. Drop by her site and tell her we said, “Hello” … after you check out D.Minion’s take, obviously. [FEATURED TAGS: Devinn Lane]

Devinn lives and lubes in LA ...

What do Mr. Marcus and a Sybian have in common? They can both put some really interesting faces on naked women. It’s Valentine’s Day and what’s more romantic than a nice little interracial threeway? Mr. Marcus, Dee, and Kristal Summers got together for a “Cam Show” a couple of weeks ago, and Carol happened to be around to film the festivities. D.Minion fulfilled her recent trend of delegating writing duties, and a good time was had by all … a very good time. And if you bother to read the story, you’ll see just how wide-spread (pardon the expression) these good times were. There’s a lot of love around here — even more than we thought it seems. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Dee, Carol]

Kristal Summers, Dee, and Mr. Marcus ... You just can't see them very well.

If you’re going to have to face a Friday the Thirteenth, what better way than with an Angel guided by a fellow named Lucky? Today’s Ninn Worx Weekend gives us a preview of Angel Cassidy’s first Feature for Michael called Sex Money Power. Now, we’re all lucky … excellent. [FEATURED TAGS: Angel Cassidy, Dee, Katsumi, Nikita Denise, Isabella, Michael Ninn]

Angel Cassidy showing what all the fuss was about.

Since we’re upon the Valentine’s Day Weekend we thought to ourselves, “Hey, what could be more appropriate than D.Minion’s coverage of Wendy in Wicked’s Sex and Romance?” Make sense so far? So we’ve got Wendy Divine and Eric Masterson having torrid sex on a table, where Jessica Drake happens to be lunching, apparently oblivious, although it sounds like she snuck a little play in there secretly. Fair enough. Why then, we must ask D.Minion, was the only photo in the set, taken at the highest resolution and highest frame size (an unusual setting for us), the photo below? If this part makes sense, we’re worried. Good thing Mav’s dropping by to save us soon.  [FEATURED TAGS: Wendy Divine, Jessica Drake, D.Minion]

Nice. But not nearly as nice as Wendy Divine naked, after all.

The lead-in to the local Los Angeles evening news the other night teased with, “Today the Mars Rover took its first microscopic pictures of a nearby rock.” Most of the really good copy writers around here wanted to immediately quit and get a job with “The Southland’s #1 News” if that was the best they could come up with. That really has nothing to do with another episode of D.Minion’s coverage of Dee and the Fat Men on KSEX radio, but we promised to give these wonderful people public credit so they wouldn’t run off and join the Legitimate Press. Bleh. And even though we’re in the middle of the next Innocence shoot for Ninn Worx, Dee finished an Ultimate Pictures movie and continues her twice-weekly Nooner Naughtiness, Kristal Summers continues to line up several more boys to bonk for bucks, Anais shot (yet again) for Suze Randall, and both Georgia Adair and Angel Cassidy are busy putting together budgets and shooting schedules (and those pesky contracts) for each of their respective personal lines (also for Ninn Worx) … even though all of that was taking place, we still managed to buy pizza for everyone for lunch. We think geeks like pizza better than praise. We also think we’ve probably stalled enough. Enjoy! It’s going to be a great weekend, assuming we live to see it … [FEATURED TAGS: KSEX Radio, Dee, D.Minion]

Dee, sans compadres gordos ...

“Bella” is Italian for “Beautiful.” It is also Spanish for “Beautiful.” That’s interesting. Today’s Ninn Worx Weekend features a whole bunch of beautiful things from Fem: Bella. And that’s even more interesting to us. Enjoy your weekend, and drop in and say “Hello Bella” to Michael! [FEATURED TAGS: Justine Joli, Anais, Wanda Curtis, Angel Cassidy, Jana Cova, Penny Flame, Isabella, Jessica Jaymes, Charlie Laine, Lonnie, Breanne, Charmaine Star, Michael Ninn]

Jessica Jaynes ... one of the “Bella” Babes ...

Here’s the story … of a lovely lady … and a bunch of other incomplete sentences. If you have to have a bunch of anything, our opinion is that it should be Kristal Summers. Even when she’s bad, she’s really, really beautiful. You’ve got to love that in a girl …  [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Breena, D.Minion]

Kristal Summers and Lee Stone. You're welcome, Carol.

Rarely in life does the opportunity to present both point and counterpoint so clearly develop. Rarely can one both show Yin and Yang, Black and White, The Raiders and The Broncos … Today we have such a chance, and we don’t even care if the groundhog saw his shadow. After all, it’s always sunny in Southern California. So after this weekend’s post of 10,000+ words, today we have three. We’ll even tell you what they are, so you don’t even have to join to find out. It says, “Here it is.” Today we have 96 pictures of Georgia Adair and Dee enjoying each other in the light of a beautiful afternoon in Malibu. If you haven’t read this far before you clicked on the icon, you won’t even know this much when you get there. Yin and Yang … Yup. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Georgia Adair]

Tit for ... well ... Tit.