Sexism Sans Sex

Sexism Sans Sex

A State Trooper pulled an 87-year-old woman over for speeding.

As he looked at her driver’s license he was surprised to notice that attached to it was a conceal weapon permit. Taken aback, he couldn’t help but ask, “Do you have a gun in your possession?”

She replied in her crackly voice, “Indeed, I do. Why I have a 45 automatic in the glove box.”

The trooper then asked if she had any other weapons. She replied, “I have a 9 mm Glock in the center console.”

The shocked trooper asked, “Is that all the weapons you are transporting?”

The little old lady held up her purse and replied, “Well, I do keep a 38 special in my purse.”

Finally, the astonished trooper asked, “What are you afraid of?”

The little old lady smiled and replied, “Not a Fucking Thing.”

Thanks, Cheyenne!

Very funny, right? Might make you laugh out loud. Now make one little modification in your mind: Instead of a little old lady, replace that character with a 23-yr-old Muslim. … Change the joke for you?

Therein, as they say, lies the rub — albeit a rub not traditionally associated with our particular industry.

All of this, of course, just leads us from another direction into the very old issue of alleged misogyny across society in general and in adult movies in particular. We do not mean to imply that have finally replaced “42” as the meaning of life the universe and everything, only that things do evolve, and if we do not lose focus, we always have hope. Hey, we may not be all that great at answers, but we do an excellent job with questions.


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