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The Corporate Sexual Revolution

Briana BlairCEOs and Office HOs

by Nobody Special

Suddenly this title seems amazingly relevant for an adult movie. Let’s face it: We’re not exactly known for erudite social commentary in this industry. Still, what with sexual harassment becoming the latest “go for a quick settlement and get rich” scheme by sleazy lawyers, perhaps we can speed up the whole understanding process for people. Here’s a new flash: Sexual undertones exist any time groups of people get together regularly, even in an office environment.

Yeah, we possess stunning insight abilities. It’s a gift.

Of course since we have absorbed these keen insights, the whole boss taking advantage of sexual interest angle does not take us by surprise so much as it creates yet another scenario in our industry where we think, “Really? That’s the plot device they’ve chosen here? Power as aphrodisiac?”

In fairness to Combat Zone, they “mostly” avoid the appearance of non-consent despite the “leverage” inherent in the situations presented. The boss giving time off work as a reward for good behavior, the affair between boss and secretary, even the secretary seducing her boss, none of those really offend the necessary suspension of disbelief required to view movies in general. They may seem far-fetched, but whoever had a fantasy that didn’t fit that description?

But the boss forgiving embezzlement by coercing the ingénue into having sex with him, yeah, these days HR (and perhaps the District Attorney) would be having some unpleasant conversations with him. At the very least he’d have to answer to Robin Roberts and Hoda Kotb, and that should frankly terrify him.

People watch all kinds of movies for all sorts of reasons and never truly associate them with reality; we get that. However, in the same way that horror movie babysitters can petrify us because almost all of us can in some way associate that setting with our own lives, a boss taking advantage in this way moves that scene into the horror movie genre for us as well. Power can be quite the carrot, and we will never get away from that truth, but we need to reach a point in our society where we can no longer use it as a stick — if you’ll pardon the metaphor in this situation.

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